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On election day, should Trump win as I predict, I ask for Trump supporters to stay cool when the predictable riots erupt. And keep in mind that if you vote for Trump, you own it. If you aren’t helping him get it right after he wins, you haven’t done enough. Trump is a group-participation president by design. He is directly asking for voters’ help in “draining the swamp.” In the short run, the best way to help Trump is by avoiding trouble on election day and by reassuring Clinton voters that you have always been on their side as Americans. Then act that way.

The fight ends Tuesday. After that, let’s try to be useful. No matter what happens.

Scott Adams
November 6, 2016
I Don’t Want a Government Job
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


13 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Scott Adams

  1. Wrong in part.

    Crush the damn socialist, corruption-supporting Dems like they deserve, especially those in federal salaried positions. Force through people on the Supreme Court who make Scalia and Bork look like communists. Repeal Obamacare in full and revert control of insurance back to the states. Destroy the regulatory and bureaucratic monstrosity of the federal government by reforming taxes to a flat tax, ending the Commerce Clause abuse, and firing most of the administration of the DOJ, IRS and EPA.

    Only after all that ask what the Dems can do for the country, and maybe, then, if they aren’t still insane and corrupt, let them participate in doing everything else we want. Not what they want. What we want.

    • Crush them, yes, but do it with a smile.
      Remind them that the left assured everyone that rigging an election is impossible, so the outcome must be accepted… or was the left lying earlier?
      Demand the wall be built… and if the left complains, ask them if they want a president to go back on his promises?
      Appoint a lot of special prosecutors to go after corruption at every level, and if anyone complains, smile and ask if they support corruption?
      And so-forth.

    • My plan is to be nice to the people but crush their policies and legislation of the last 100 years.

      • So you’ll include crushing the Civil Rights Act of 1964? This will be a very disturbing four years.

        • Absolutely; the Civil Rights Act has led to affirmative action, racial quotas, political correctness, and a host of other evils. It is past time to say, “it was a noble idea, enacted with the best of intentions, but the cure has proved so much worse than the disease that it is time to greenfield the whole miserable structure that has been built on it and seek another solution”.

  2. Last time we had both houses of Congress in our favor, nothing much favorable happened. I also say to hell with appeasement – let’s make up for lost time and opportunity, and go on the offensive. National CC Reciprocity and repeal of the NFA for starters.

    • National CC reciprocity isn’t right; that completely misses the essence of the 2nd amendment as well as Article 1 Section 8. National Constitutional Carry would be a lot closer to correct.

      • OTOH, a National CC reciprocity bill that explicitly calls out the per-existing right, and gives a clear and straight-forward path for suing states that violate their citizens rights, and cites the 2nd for it’s authorizing power, might not be a bad thing.

  3. I like mickee!

    We must crush them totally. It will take huge efforts to reverse the damage they have done. Two things that must absolutely proceed is a full repeal of obamacare. We can figure out if there is a replacement strategy later. Second, the prosecution and trials must proceed immediately to teach the left that corruption has a price tag. Obvious criminals are Eric Holder, Lois Lerner, the Hildabeast, all of the DOJ, most of BATFE, senior leadership of the EPA, BLM, FBI, TSA, and so on.

    • Yes! x1000

      This will accomplish something not obvious, at first.

      It will strongly discourage any malfeasance on the GOP’s side, as they should recognize that the next group in power will want to return the favor, so they damn well had better keep their closets empty and their hands clean. For that matter, the new guys would be well served if they strive to catch any wrong-doing during their own watch, to avoid building up a stench in the public’s nostrils.

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