Quote of the day—Sean

I can’t help but imagine the drunken sobbing in the writer’s room for House of Cards. Nothing they could imagine would be as dark and twisty as the current state of politics. HoC has gone from a dark mirror of contemporary politics to a sunny, optimistic take on the subject.

October 31, 2016
Comment to Quote of the day—Jaime
[At first I thought Sean was exaggerating for dramatic effect. But as I I thought about it more I realized he is probably correct.—Joe]


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  1. Well, there was some dramatic effect intended. Mostly in the interest of appearing pithy. Sure, they could imagine something more bizarre and terrible. But then they’d talk themselves out of using those ideas. After all, they’re striving for some measure of believability and comprehensibility. We’re in Hunter-Thompson-on-an-ether-binge territory here.

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