Quote of the day—Chris Goodman

Ban all guns…. our country shouldn’t have guns… Guns free country.

Chris Goodman
May 30, 2015
Comment to Administration preps new gun regulations
[There is a difference between a ban on guns and having a gun free country. But people like this don’t have the mental processes to think it through even when you explain it to them with everyday examples.

But the one thing to remember about this is that you should never let someone get away with telling you than no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


9 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Chris Goodman

  1. Why does this person want to disarm the police and the Secret Service? Does he not like our President, and prefers that the White House be unprotected?

    Presumably he’s okay with our soldiers being armed, as long as they don’t ever bring the icky guns stateside.

  2. That’s the beauty (or rather, the horror) of the post hypnotic suggestion– It doesn’t have to make any sense whatsoever. It can be the most blatantly stupid, horrible thing imaginable and people will flock to it and defend it.

    That explains the Holocaust. It explains Jim Jones’ followers, ISIS, communism, Progressivism, and our political parties.

    It may even be (and I think it is) that the more idiotic and outrageous the suggestion, the easier it is for some people to accept it. The outrageous is more exciting you see. It sets the believer more apart (elevates him, in his mind) from the mundane masses, and so on. He’ll think he’s the only sane or smart one when everyone else, including those who’ve studied a particular matter all their lives, is against him. Hell, I work with people like that. I bet you have too.

    I think you can spend the rest of your life cataloging the facts, laying them out in easy to read formats, and spoon feeding said facts to the programmed followers of the left, supporting the facts and figures with solid moral concepts, and not even touch upon the problem.

    “OK, Smartass; what’s the problem?” you say.
    The Problem is in how to deprogram that majority of people who are programmed. How to de-hypnotize the hypnotized. How to re-introduce someone to a reality they’ve been fleeing from, while in a virtual state of panic, for years and years, when many of them would far rather kill you, have you arrested, etc., than let that happen.

    Practically no one is attempting to address this problem. The left has been studying for generations how to take advantage of it, how to shock people into a state of suggestibility. Who has been studying how to Un-shock people? Who has ever even considered the possibility, or considered the existence of the concept?

  3. I read that last phrase as exactly the opposite of the author – he meant “Guns free” as an adjective, modifying “country.” I saw “free” as a verb.

    • So, what you are saying is that since guns make the country free, freedom is what the author wants to prevent by banning guns.

    • Hadn’t read that much into it – just took the last sentence out of context, and translated it from monkey speech.

    • I think it should be;
      “Guns; free country (no guns; tyranny).” Punctuation is everything.

      Of course though; all the guns in the world, in and of themselves, will never make a free country. The primary ingredient is an understanding of, a love of and dedication to the principles of liberty– Without that, the issue of guns is moot.

      Maybe then, the only “gun restriction” should be similar to the concept behind the Oath of Office– Before one is allowed to possess the tools of defending liberty, one must be able to demonstrate an understanding of and dedication to the concept. That all breaks down to compost immediately of course, when the criminals and tyrants realize that they can simply lie their way through, or bypass, any restriction, such that the only people materially effected by the restriction in any significant numbers are the more honest ones.

  4. Been looking for a detailed list of these proposed new regulations. Anybody seen them?

    • No, not here.

      Which means, to me, that there are no definite proposed regulations, just ideas being thrown on the wall to see what might stick.

      The Lautenberg amendment already makes possession of guns, by people with DV convictions, illegal. So that line is simply blowing smoke at the LIV.

      The only possible thing I can think of, right now, is ATF coming up with some reg that backtracks and defines an AR pistol an AOW.

      If they keep trying crap like this, it just might backfire on them and get enough people stirred up to make it a living hell for their respective congressional delegations.

      Enough politicians get their feeding trough threatened and they just might repeal a bunch of the federal gun laws, and cut a significant part of ATF’s budget, simply to shut up their constituents.

  5. Another case of “We need to confiscate all guns! And by ‘we’ I mean ‘anyone but me’.”

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