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Even though I was just commenting for laughs, and don’t really think all gun enthusiasts have tiny pee-pees (actually, they’re sociopaths), I was happy to be of service.

February 12, 2015
Comment to How All Your Favorite Liberal Blogs Muffed The Yoga Pants Bill (Which Does Not Exist)
[This is what they think of you: If you are a gun enthusiast then you are a sociopath.

Good to know. Keep that in mind because it will be just one of the many justifications they would use as they herd you into the “education” camps.—Joe]


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    • Good point. Leftists won’t criticize jihadists anywhere near they way they criticize gun owners, American patriots, Jews and Christians. They’re afraid the jihadists would kill them. They know they’re safe criticizing the others.

      Well, all that and then there’s the inconvenient fact that Leftists/Progressives/authoritarians all share an emotional brotherhood with the jihadists. Their primary disagreement with jihadists is over tactics, same as the disagreement between Progressives and communists.

  1. So, per the main story at the link, lying liars lie. Dog bites man. The Texas head of Moms Demand Submission was testifying on Open Carry legislation. She lies, claims that statistics on CHL crimes are locked down by the state. (Was she under oath? May need to shoot an email to my state senator, decent sort for a politician) Charles Cooke at NRO writes and provides evidence she was lying, in the link to DHS public info. I scrolled through the .pdf, it was .19% for all crimes, data broken down by individual crime.

  2. The sociopathic diagnosis will actually be the justification they use for sending you to a mental hospital. You aren’t unenlightened. You’re sick. They just want to help you and protect society from your illness. Re-education camps are a Maoist concept. formerChild is more likely to be a Stalinist.

  3. So, formerChild thinks that the ranks of police forces are filled with sociopaths. Good to know. (Be sure to tell them that when you dial 911, dude.)

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