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Media Matters and their leftist allies view this trend towards gun ownership in demographics that they once “owned” as a “gateway drug” towards classical liberalism, libertarian beliefs, or conservatism. They are fearful that if young liberals start following their peers into social shooting events at the new “guntry clubs” popping up around the nation, then the political shift towards anti-gun Marxism and socialism will not only be arrested, but reversed.

They know that firearm ownership is a gateway towards thinking as an individual and thinking more about individual rights, and this terrifies the anti-gun, collectivist left.

For them, fighting against the “new NRA” is more than fighting against gun ownership. It’s a fight for the very survival of a belief system that is starting to collapse under its own ponderous weight.

Bob Owens
August 6, 2014
Why the “New NRA” Terrifies the Political Left
[H/T to Sebastian.

While I believe it is true that gun ownership is a “gateway drug” toward classical liberalism I’m not sure the collectivist left is able to articulate their hatred that succinctly. I think it is more like, “Must hate because GUNS!”—Joe]


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  1. While the left may not articulate their issues with guns well, any leftist who uses a firearm immediately and urgently becomes aware of the conservative mindset of self-responsibility, known rules for proper behavior, and consequences of action rather than intent being the measure of one’s success or failure.

    Otherwise, they find bullet holes in their walls or themselves real quick.

    And that is why guns a gateway experience to conservatism: using them enforces reality upon the user.

  2. They may not be able to articulate it, but I believe they sense it.
    “Stay away from those people or you might be contaminated.”

    Articulating it, as Bob Owens did so well, would be something of an admission that their mindset is anti-individual, anti-responsibility and anti-liberty. They have to work around that and obfuscate/make excuses.

    Even if they were capable of articulating it, they’d be forced to avoid doing so, and this is where we may disagree— The leftist DOES know enough to actively avoid certain basic and obvious truths, and to obfuscate, and so he KNOWS, at some level at least, what he’s doing.

  3. Actually, I think the Modern American Marxist is not against Firearms as much as you think. They just want them in the hands of those Servants whom THEY can Control, i.e., Law Enforcement and the Military. And their Personal Bodyguards, of course.

    What is Anathema to them is the fact that Firearms are in the hands of FREE Private Citizens, who would NOT be willing to join in their Socialist Utopian Fantasies.

    Because WE would Shoot Back.

  4. It kind of depends on what you mean by Marxist. There are a couple of groups, and while they will spout the exact same rhetoric, there are some important differences. The group you refer to as having the attitude “Must hate because GUNS!” is probably the largest group. The other group likely has at least a partial understanding that guns often lead to people thinking about taking responsibility for things. Indeed you often have people attacking the idea of individualism, and responsibility as bad and evil. I’ve heard people arguing that such ideas need to be stamped out, so there are indeed people out there that realize that all their work can be overturned if people begin to believe in personal accountability, and consciously and deliberately want to stamp it out.

    • Yeah, the first time I saw someone condemn “dangerous individualism” was an eye-opener.

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