I came across an interesting article at the Blaze about a conversation with a former gang member. It was from an excerpt from the book “The Future of the Gun.” It looked at guns as symbols, specifically symbols of power in inner cities neighborhoods, and how the youngsters saw people in light of the laws, guns, and power/strength, in a way that makes a lot of sense, but a perspective articulated in a way I’d never heard before.

Let me show you what’s going on here: Over there you see some stores that are open — there are shop owners there. They should be the pillars of this society. They should be the leaders…everyone should look up to them. But they don’t. They’ve been neutered, their guns have been taken away. They have to call 911, and hope [someone comes to rescue them] if something happens. So they’re victims waiting to happen.


Now look around more: There’s a cop. Unfortunately, too often the youth…they don’t look up to police officers, and there’s all sorts of deep reasons for that…Now look around more, what else do you see? What you see are…gang leaders.

The end result in this former gang member’s view is that for the young kid:

he looks around the neighborhood, and he looks for the power…He looks to the gang member who has a gun tucked away in his shorts. He’s the power in that neighborhood. Whereas the average person who has been disarmed, the average store owner who has been disarmed are neutered, they don’t.

He’s right. People, especially young men, want power, to feel empowered. Welfare laws what they are, there are few good fathers to be role models in a lot of inner city “families.” Boys and young men look for “strong”  men to emulate, and they see gang-bangers above shop-keepers in the social hierarchy. The anti-gun laws have created the inner city gang problem, and here is the underlying mechanism. Gun laws are not only unconstitutional, they are anti-human, they are anti-black, anti-business, anti-woman, and anti-equality. As people are wont to say, “read the whole thing.” It’s not long.


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  1. “The anti-gun laws have created the inner city gang problem” — I don’t think so. Contributed to it, certainly. But I believe the primary cause is Prohibition.

    • Going back a bit, yes. But it’s a significant contributor to the continuing impression in the psyche of the young.
      The delusional on the left keep talking about the phallic symbolism, while they miss the emasculation of what should be community leaders the gun laws actually bring. Ironic, that. But the left wants to treat little boys just like little girls in schools (no running, no tag, no swings, no throwing thing, sit quietly, read a book, no it can’t be a book with fighting or throwing or guns…); they want to make them weak everywhere .

    • Yeah. In LA, shop owners can have guns and it’s always been that way. No one has ever tried to disarm shop owners.

      • …. (that posted before I was finished). So, explain why LA has so many gang members. It’s obviously not because shop owners don’t have guns.

        • Alternative explanation: totalitarian policies, of which the disarmament and subjugation of the people is one, generate gangs.

          The “progressives” of today are objectively totalitarian, and they have run the cities for decades.

  2. Excellent!

    And gun restrictions are mostly anti civilization.

    And this sort of leads to one thing I have not been able to understand about leftists and their advocacy of gun restrictions. Do they not see that criminals and tryants are always going to be armed, no matter the level of gun restriction? Or are they so emotionally connected with criminals and tyrants that they can’t see anything else? I’ve called it a hypnotic state and I think it is the only explanation.

    • Magical thinking, living in denial, assuming they will be the ones giving the orders (or angling to do so and intending to have the state disarm their intended victims, first), envious of the self-reliant and self-possessed and independent and confident that walk among them… makes no difference. They must be stopped.

    • They ARE the criminals and tyrants … And they want us disarmed so they can kill us if we don’t bow down to their rule. It really IS that simple.

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