Second Amendment Foundation kicks additional butt

In the grand scheme of things it’s a small win, but we’ll take what we can get;


BELLEVUE, WA The Second Amendment Foundation has accepted a $38,000 settlement from the City of Seattle for the city’s failure to release public records about the city’s gun buyback in January.

As part of the agreement, the city has acknowledged that it did not promptly or properly provide all of the documents sought by SAF under the Public Records Act. SAF was represented by Bellevue attorney Miko Tempski.

“It is a shame that this had to drag out so long,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb, “but the important thing is that the city, and outgoing Mayor Mike McGinn’s office has been held accountable for sloppy handling of our request. One would have thought the city had learned something earlier this year when the police department had to pay the Seattle Times $20,000, for also not providing requested documents.

“Maybe the citizens of Seattle can consider this a Christmas gift from the departing mayor,” he remarked. “This would not have been necessary had McGinn’s office done its job.”

SAF had pursued e-mails and other documents related to the January buyback, which was conducted in a parking lot underneath I-5 in downtown Seattle. The operation was something of an embarrassment that even Washington Ceasefire President Ralph Fascitelli had advised against, the recovered e-mails revealed.

Earlier the city had supplied some of the requested documents, but a story in the Seattle revealed there were other materials that had not been provided to SAF by Mayor McGinn’s office.

“It seems hard to conceive,” Tempski said, “how you could accidentally overlook hundreds of documents and how that could be unintentional.”

“The settlement,” said Gottlieb, “will help SAF continue its legal work. Hopefully, we will see better performance from a new city administration in January.”

Bureaucrats care very little when they’re playing with other people’s money, but eventually they get booted out of office for their douchebaggery.

What the Seattle government critters were trying to hide through their obfuscation of course is that gun “buy-backs” (as if they were ever their guns in the first place) are nothing but a cheap, stupid sham. They knew they’d be called on it, so they were willing to take their very slim chances in court at the citizens’ expense.

At a minimum, the settlement should come of out their salaries. That is after they’re arrested for using their position in an attempt to chill the exercise of a constitutional right.

How about a printer and ink “buy-back” as a means of “fighting” counterfeiting? Yeah; shockingly stupid. Insane, actually, if anyone were to think it could ever help anything.

If you trust people who do this sort of thing to hold positions of power there is something wrong with you.

Hey; let’s have a Koran “buy-back”, after which we’ll show videos on the evening news of those Korans being shredded for recycling. “Getting these Korans off the streets is another way to help save lives” the announcer would say, as a flock of doves is released. Surely that’ll put a big dent in the jihadist threat, right? Same reasoning. Same anti constitutional behavior. Same insanity.

They have it back asswards of course; crime (both the freelance and the official kind) is the reason we must at all times protect the right to keep and bear ams.

I gave quite a bit (for me) to the SAF this year. How about you?


5 thoughts on “Second Amendment Foundation kicks additional butt

  1. Since 3-D printed guns are being seen as an increasing threat to world peace, I think it’s high time that someone organize a plastic resin buy back. It’s for the children, and Goodwill stores are full of 1970’s bean bag chairs that need to be recycled.

  2. Maybe not the Koran, but I’m willing to bet real money that somewhere a frothing-mouthed leftist is thinking that the world would be a better place if we just got all those bibles off the streets, hindering self esteem and the building of a better ethos without the influence of thousands of years of real-life experience as they do.

    • I would not take that bet. It’s not even a gamble– You’d win for sure.

      Something just occured to me here, and I don’t know why it didn’t 20 years ago. Do you suppose that some of the motivation for attacks on other rights is that they’re seen as a way to further soften up the second amendment? I mean; how many times have we heard some version of, “Be sensible– We already restrict this or that other right…” in a discussion of the right to keep and bear arms? That’s a big part of the mindset, and so…

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  4. I gave money to SAF about five years ago. I received phone calls and junk mail from them ever since asking for more money. I am not going to turn more of my money into alarmist retarded junk mail. Would like to support their cause, but stop sending me BS.

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