7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Brian Lydon

  1. Ran into something similar on a thread the other day, asked “Why is it that gun bigots like you have such a fascination with other peoples’ genitals?”

    I haven’t heard a word from them since.

  2. “Why can’t…you ever seem to get your hands on a big enough gun?”
    Because of the half inch bore limit, silly. Above that they become “Destructive Devices” and are much more expensive and difficult to purchase due to second amendment infringements.

  3. Awwww, Firehand, you’re mean, they mean well, and there you go challenging them with questions they are ill-equipped to even think of, let alone answer, and trying to make sense of Feeeeeeeeeeeeelinnnnnggggsss! They have good feelings, their hearts are in the right place even if you’d have to get 10 of them in the same room to balance a checkbook. lol

  4. Windy, the rumpkin invented the hashtag #3inchdick, we didn’t. The fascination with that subject puts him in the #bugf**ker game.

  5. I cannot see the post for some reason. this seems to happen on a few of the QoTD posts. All i can see is the title.

  6. In return I ask why radical progressive gun haters, like you dickless can not seem to find functioning braincells.

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