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I heard Romney did exceptionally well in the debate last night. I wasn’t interested in watching. I couldn’t see any advantage to watching in real time as opposed to hearing a recap on the radio talk shows and blogs as I got ready for work and rode the bus to work this morning. So I spent the evening at dinner with friends and didn’t get home until midnight.

Some pundits are claiming Obama made such a poor showing that he may lose the election. But I think those people are overlooking something.

Obama has the critical communist dictators endorsements of Hugo Chavez, Raul Castro, and Vladimir Putin while Romney has the kiss of death NRA endorsement. When the choice is between the tranquility of servitude and the animating contest of freedom how is there even any question of who should or will win? Who would want to compete when you can have tranquility?

Of course some people see things differently than I do. There are those that believe the clear winner of all three presidential debates will be Obama.


4 thoughts on “Random thought of the day

  1. You should watch it, though. At least part of it, especially towards the end. Obama’s body language speaks incredible volumes about what’s going on upstairs. There’s a HUGE amount of information conveyed by Obama that’s not heard. You won’t be disappointed.

  2. Obama had his ass handed to him so completely that even the hard left couldn’t deny it. They were shocked and livid. A few managed to call it a draw without being laughed down to badly, but it was clearly a total mismatch. It was almost as it Romney was debating an empty chair, instead of an empty suit. Facts, figures, clarity, brevity, intensity, body language were ALL solidly against Obama. If the report that as many as 70 million folks tuned in to watch is correct, and a significant portion of those are actually the undecided voters, it’ll leave a mark. A BIG mark. Bus tire-track sized tracks. Eastwood and Benghazi raised a lot of eyebrows, so some low-info people in the middle want to see if there is a good alternative. They got an eyeful. Then next week we have Ryan dismembering Biden, er I mean debating him, which should be fun to watch. The week after that should draw a HUGE viewership again, because everyone on the left will want to watch Obama extract revenge, and those on the right will want to watch him implode AGAIN. If O turns in a similar performance, than the doubts sown by the Rep Nat Convention and recent middle east news will truly come home to roost in the polls, and we might even get a serious preference cascade. Gunna be a fun month.

  3. You noted “.. hearing a recap on the radio talk shows and blogs…”.

    Your spellchecker forgot to detect the missing “r” after the “c” in the word “recap” …

    Just sayin’.

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