‘Stunning interview’

We see that term, “stunning” too often.  This interview with Dinesh D’Souza however was actually stunning.  Please watch the whole thing.  Wow!  In any other circumstance this stuff would dominate the headlines for months and then linger for generations.

Actually, this is dominating the headlines, but not in the Old Media.  You have to look elsewhere.  Forget about the Old Liars (ABC NBC CBS MSNBC NYT et al).  They are done.  How did they get away with it for so long?  That, I hope, will be one of the big topical questions in history classes for the next hundred years.

It’s been done, but I second the notion that we stop worrying about about the Old Media.  Some people still bitch about them, wringing their hands over the latest dumb thing they did, always reacting and rarely acting.  No, Young Grasshopper; move past them, like the wind.  They are nothing.

We have our own media and our own culture.

1 thought on “‘Stunning interview’

  1. That is interesting. If the part about Obama’s nephew can be verified, it’d make a great sound-bite for the debate. “So, when your nephew was in the hospital, and a thousand dollars would save him, why didn’t you (being a millionaire) help your literal brother out of a jam, and just let Dinesh (who happens to be a conservative) pay the bill?” Watching him try to explain, and the press try to spin, would be priceless. The rest of it is pretty good, too.

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