Quote of the day—Ted Nugent

The United Nations is flea-infested, hygiene challenged hellhole of soulless despots, tyrants, anti-freedom, human-rights violating global gangbangers who wish to shore up their power by having the United Nations put forth a treaty that would restrict the access to guns by their people, thereby ensuring the tyrants can continue to kill, control, rape and plunder innocents with impunity.

Let’s get one thing straight: more access to guns leads to more freedom. Limiting access to guns leads to more innocent death, destruction and tyranny.

Once again, the United Nations is on the wrong side of freedom. This isn’t surprising since the United Nations has a statue of a handgun with a barrel tied in a knot in front of their rat-infested New York building. We should melt that statue and turn it into bullets for free Americans.

Ted Nugent
July 17, 2012
More guns equal less goons
[I suspect Nugent may be exaggerating. I’m not convinced the UN is flea-infested.—Joe]

8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Ted Nugent

  1. Having served in some locales represented in the United Nations, I have zero doubt that it is flea-infested.

    Fleas, after all, are parasites, and that is basically what the United Nations is–a body of parasites feeding on their host, the United States.


  2. I was thinking it was a reference to the UN building being literally flea infested.

    I’m willing to be convinced there was no exaggeration but the evidence is still lacking.

  3. I love it. This however, is the bit that stuck for me;
    “Once again, the United Nations is on the wrong side of freedom.”

    The “Once again” should be replaced with “As always”. The UN exists only to extract wealth from the U.S. and to provide an illusion of legitimacy for scum sucking despots everywhere.

  4. Since the occupants of the UN building are soul-less ghouls, the fleas and bed-bugs would have starved feeding on these zombies.

    The stench of death and failure reeks from that building.
    People talk about knocking it down and selling the land. I disagree.
    Burn it down and erect a monument to all those who lost their lives due to UN misdeeds, inaction, negligence, corruption, and so on.

    I think Dante got it right with the inscription above the gates of Hell, “Abandon all hope all ye who enter here.”

  5. Neither fleas nor bedbugs. While both are nasty verminous parasites, for the most part they just take a sip and move along.

    TICKS on the other hand…those disease ridden pests latch onto their host and continue to feed endlessly getting more and more bloated over time (another attribute of the UN IMHO).

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