Quote of the day—Kevin Baker

I, for one, do not welcome our Neocortical Overlords.

Kevin Baker
October 21, 2010
Our Neocortical Overlords
[Make that two. I’ve worked on too many government projects with people that said things like “See this badge? This means the law doesn’t apply to us” or seen the results of spending billions on some of the most stupid and wasteful things.

Oh! It’s least four (via both Alan and Kevin):

And when you people with obvious mental defects (such as Peterson Syndrome or other problems) an inability to read and comprehend, or an inability to determine truth from falsity insisting they should be making the rules then we have an even bigger problem of people with the mental capabilities of a two year old “thinking” they are our superiors. That should convince even the most skeptical this is a real problem and must not be allowed to continue or ever happen again.–Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Kevin Baker

  1. We need to reexamine the system that keeps selecting these people to be “in charge”. I think it’s broken.

  2. Unfortunately, Alan, it works as designed. Not necessarily as intended, but government is power. It corrupts and attracts the corrupt. But more than that, it draws people who believe that they know better.

    I’ve got a post ruminating in my head about that . . .

  3. Normally government waste is a good thing, because that means the will of the petit tyran is countered by fantastic inefficiency, but the trick is to create molasses-slow bureaucracy while keeping the headcount down. If it weren’t for “public sector” unions, we could afford a 5,000-person committee to decide best how to manage “health care” and go about our business while the matter remained undecided for eternity.

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