Quote of the day–Chairman Mao Ts-Tung

Our state is a people’s democratic dictatorship led by the working class and based on the worker-peasant alliance. What is this dictatorship for? Its first function is to suppress the reactionary classes and elements and those exploiters in our country who resist the socialist revolution, to suppress those who try to wreck our socialist construction, or in other words, to resolve the internal contradictions between ourselves and the enemy. For instance, to arrest, try and sentence certain counterrevolutionaries, and to deprive landlords and bureaucrat-capitalists of their right to vote and their freedom of speech for a specified period of time – all this comes within the scope of our dictatorship. To maintain public order and safeguard the interests of the people, it is likewise necessary to exercise dictatorship over embezzlers, swindlers, arsonists, murderers, criminal gangs and other scoundrels who seriously disrupt public order. The second function of this dictatorship is to protect our country from subversion and possible aggression by external enemies. In that event, it is the task of this dictatorship to resolve the external contradiction between ourselves and the enemy. The aim of this dictatorship is to protect all our people so that they can devote themselves to peaceful labour and build China into a socialist country with a modern industry, agriculture, science and culture.

Chairman Mao Ts-Tung
Little Red Book
On the Correct Handling of Contradictions Among the People
(February 27, 1957), 1st pocket ed., pp. 6-7.
[Yeah, I’m a day late with this one. Does anyone even know how many people were murdered by this government whose aim was to “protect all our people” in the next 30 years after this proclamation was made? All dictators claim they are going to be benevolent and they will only crack down on the criminals. Of course then Ayn Rand’s line from Atlas Shrugged immediately comes to mind. Which is precisely the situation we have with gun laws today and under an Obama regime things will only get worse. And all in the pursuit of an Utopian vision of a discredited philosopher with very little real world experience on the subjects he wrote about and who died over 100 years ago.–Joe]


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  1. His use of “..resolve internal contradictions…” = kill anyone who disagrees with socialists or socialism. The mentality of socialists hasn’t changed much.

    That reminds me of the Left-Speak definition of “Divisiveness”.

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