Quote of the day–James Huffman-Scott

People may be ignorant, yes. But it is a willful ignorance. They don’t want the truth. No matter how many times I explain they are wrong, no matter how much evidence I give them they don’t care. Their belief makes them feel good and that’s good enough for them.

And this understanding of people’s willful ignorance leads directly to my lack of faith in humanity. I don’t trust people to fix the political system, I don’t trust people to see religion for what it is, I don’t trust people to see the truth that is in front of them, and I don’t trust people to be smart. People don’t want to question their beliefs, they’re happy being ignorant and it doesn’t matter how much I argue with them they won’t change. Therefore they are not worth my time. The majority of mankind doesn’t care for truth and so I don’t care for them.

James Huffman-Scott
Speech for Comm 101
From http://www.joehuffman.org/misc/LifeChange.htm


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day–James Huffman-Scott

  1. Great quote!

    I’ve felt much the same way after hearing countless times “You’re probably right, but it just FEELS wrong”

  2. Great speech excerpt.

    Love it.

    How’d the class respond? What was James’ grade?

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