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It is foolish and naive to believe that censorship will be “temporary” or “restricted.” Once a government succeeds in establishing a Ministry of Truth and dictating what can and cannot be said, it will inevitably use these powers to silence any genuine opposition. When governments arrogate to themselves the power to determine what is true and what is false, they open the door to tyranny. It is a slippery slope that leads inexorably to the suppression of dissent and the erosion of democracy. Until recently, this was a point of consensus among liberals and conservatives alike. It appears that is no longer the case.

Paulo Figueiredo
May 24, 2024
Lula’s Brazil: A Cautionary Tale For Free Speech In The West

Emphasis in the original.

Canada, England, and don’t forget: Joe Biden’s Disinformation Board Likened to Orwell’s ‘Ministry of Truth’ – Newsweek. See also: Quote of the day—Jeff Carlson and Hans Mahncke | The View From North Central Idaho.

And that doesn’t even count all the private “censorship” by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc.. We are in some dark times.

Prepare appropriately.


4 thoughts on “Censorship Warning

  1. ” It is a slippery slope that leads inexorably to the suppression of dissent and the erosion of democracy.”
    For America that is exactly backwards. It was democracy that was used to slide us down the slope to censorship.
    Instead of the plain and simple language of the constitutional republic.
    “Congress shall make no law.” Once they got passed that sentence? Democracy was/is just an excuse.
    The same way we let them get away with stepping over “Shall not be infringed”.
    New maxim; “If you can’t read, you can’t make law.”

  2. Please note the “hate speech” and “anti anti-Semitism” laws.

    If you speak the truth on some topics, such as “gays have much heavier parasite loads and shorter lives on average than straights, on account of their lifestyle,” or “jews have a hugely outsized control of media, the legal system, pornography, and banking, in comparison to their population” they’ll say you are hate-filled and mean and bad and a Nazi, but they can’t / won’t say you are wrong.

    That is evil, requiring that you embrace and knowingly repeat lies.
    Those who can make you speak lies, can make you commit atrocities.

  3. Suppression of the truth, controlling speech is a fundamental necessity for anyone seeking absolute power. This is a hard and fast rule demonstrated repeatedly by history.

  4. The preparation involves alternative communication methods. There are niches in the internet, like here where you can communicate freely but I expect that to be shut down soon. I have not entered the Dark Web, because sleaze but may have to go there. In the end though, samizdat and one-time pads will become the norm. Anybody know a secure source about how to create one time pads. I suspect that any commercial products are compromised.

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