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Never ascribe to a conspiracy that which can be adequately explained by unplanned financial self-interest.

Porn is not a Jewish conspiracy to sap and impurify our precious bodily fluids, okay?

It’s a market correction for the gap between the male demand for sexual release, and the female supply of desirable and willing partners. You know, a market correction? That thing that happens in the free market? You remember the free market, right?

It’s that thing conservatives praise occasionally, but immediately turn against every time it points out a gap between their ideals and the reality on the ground.

People are just making money selling porn to horny men. That’s all it is.

But what conservatives are never, never asking themselves is, why are there so many horny men around? Why is there such a demand for porn, when it’s transparently obvious that no man in the world prefers porn to an attractive and enthusiastic female partner (or two)?

No, they never ask themselves that question because it’s easier to scold men than to address issues which would require them to take on someone with actual political power.

Look, when a man hits puberty, he starts getting horny. He can hold off doing anything about that for a little while, because he’s young, easily indoctrinated, and he’s still figuring it all out anyway. But pretty soon, he’s going to be driven to do something about that, and not all the lectures about sin that you can muster are going to stop him.

So why are men turning to pornography?

Because sex with a preferable partner is unavailable to them. Duh.

Conservatives uttered not a peep when boomers fucked the economy so no one could afford to buy a home, or raise children, until their late twenties or early thirties. Conservatives uttered not a peep when women wanted to leave the home and compete in the workforce, delaying marriage to build their careers. Conservatives uttered not a peep when women wanted to stop cooking food, and remained silent when the stores filled with pre-packaged factory slop made from processed corn and soybeans, and packed with sugar, causing an obesity epidemic.

Conservatives actively opposed availability of contraceptives at every opportunity, and refused to compromise at all on abortion.

Conservatives sat idly by while feminists took over the culture and taught women to hold men in contempt.

And on and on it went, until now, we’re reduced to landscape where only the top 5% of women are as attractive as the average woman of 50 years ago, and only the top 5% of men are desired, admired, or respected by women at all, and things have gotten so bad that young men will pay for naked pictures of attractive women because that is the closest they can get to the real thing, and conservatives’ solution is… scold young men some more? Ban porn?



Because attacking the supply side worked sooooo well with drugs, didn’t it?

Conservatives are so goddamn dumb that they spent decade after decade fighting a “war on drugs” that they could never win, while ignoring the leftists quietly gutting the economy and fucking up everyone’s quality of life.

Thereby ensuring an ever-increasing supply of people so frustrated and miserable that porn and fentanyl sounded like an improvement over their daily lives.

Conservatives, please have this tattooed on your foreheads, backwards, so you can read it every morning in the mirror:

Demand creates supply. Supply does not create demand.

If you want to get rid of something, you must reduce the demand for it. If you want to get rid of the demand for something unhealthy, you must supply sufficient quantities of a superior alternative which is healthy.

A healthy society must have a healthy and available outlet for all human appetites, or it will cease to be a healthy society.

I swear, if you guys had spent half the energy fighting income taxes, socialism, feminism, government entitlements, and the erosion of the American quality of life that you spent on porn, abortion, and men in dresses pretending to be women, then you would have a lot less to cry about right now.

But you didn’t wanna upset women or boomers, and you didn’t want to cut federal spending, and you certainly didn’t want to confront the crass material appetites of human nature instead of retreating and burying your nose in a bible instead.

So now you are the Stupid Party. Which still makes you superior to the Evil Party, for all the good that does us.

But every two years, I’m still left with the unexciting choice between Stupid Party and Delusional Party, and things aren’t getting any better.

You’re nice guys, you really are. Your hearts are in the right place. I just wish your brains were in the right place, too.

Devon Eriksen @Devon_Eriksen_
Posted on X May 23, 2024


13 thoughts on “The Stupid Party

  1. Skimming it, I wondered if that might have been Larry Correia.

  2. Confused and conflating.
    It was progs that pushed women out of the home, whether women wanted to or not.
    It was and is inflation and the inability of single salary to keep up; unless you’re a professional athlete who gets unrealistic wages for a sport.

    • Spot on!
      Vox Day pointed out years ago that by pushing woman into the workforce would lower wage costs on the whole. As new consumers were not being created.
      Whereas bring outside labor in worked. But not as well because you were importing a new consumer at the same time.
      Ya, we been played. Brutally.

    • Before the creation of the Democrat’s socialist activities in the fifties and sixties, a single income could buy a home, and keep a wife at home raising your group of children. The taxes needed to pay for all that socialism requires two incomes for most couples, which blows off the chances of much in the way of children in a “family”.

      Socialism is the death of the family.

    • I disagree in part and agree in part.
      Housing prices are going up partly due to inflation but even more to government regulations and fees.
      It isn’t a coincidence that the highest prices are in the most regulated and expensive cities, all of which have expensive and onerous property use laws.
      Multiple reports recently have claimed it costs an average of $90,000 in fees per house before ground can be broken. That alone is a huge hit to affordable housing.
      Note that of the biggest growth areas of our country currently: Texas, Wyoming, Tennesee, and Florida, 3 of the 4 have no state wide planning, permitting, or zoning enforcement. In Texas, Wyoming, Tennesee, and several other states there are no building regulations in most counties (and many towns only want a permit fee). These areas have $0 of the $90,000 national average.

      The part where I disagree with you is that people CAN buy a house and raise a family on one income if it is a priority.
      There are 2 big roadblocks to it:
      1. Many people want to live in expensive trendy areas – which makes already expensive areas more expensive. It isn’t a coincidence that these areas often have the restrictive land use policies discussed above.
      2. Many people spend large parts of their income on things other than housing. Examples include: lots of or expensive clothes, newer cars, expensive coffee, eating out most meals, lots of entertainment (streaming, gaming, cinemas, et al).

      If you want to live well on one income, you need to make it a priority goal and shape your spending around it. Most Americans are bad with their finances – that’s why Dave Ramsey gets so much attention.

      Finally, surprisingly few people will move for a better job or a cheaper house, especially if it isn’t a “popular” area.
      To give an example; North east Nevada, Winnemucca to Battle Mountain, mostly along I-80, needs people to work in or support mining so badly that average incomes are almost to over 6 figures, with entry level no experience or training needed jobs available at $25 an hour. Average housing costs are $250k to $350k depending on the county, with cheaper options available.
      But lots of people complain about the remoteness and that there isn’t a Costco, Target, or [favorite chain restaurant] nearby – if you are willing to go where others aren’t, you can make the money others aren’t.

  3. Most insightful in his criticism. We boomers deserve it all.
    What it lacks is any understanding of what actually cures social ills.
    And so his answer is open sexually and cheap, legal drugs?
    Go downtown almost anywhere in the world and one will see that ain’t working.
    One can never stop human vices, there part and parcel of a modern world.
    But one can never make them acceptable. You get San Francisco and Baltimore if you do.
    And just like pimps and drug dealers offering something one can never attain. Have we not been played by a cartel of super-rich?
    What he fails to tell us is that for the most of modern history the majority of humans did what they were suppose to. Worked their asses off, raised a family, and in their off hours tried to stay informed and vote for what would be best.
    We were lied to, stolen from, and abused at every turn. Played, murdered, and maimed.
    Many men knew what was happening. That what it took to fix it was going to be bloody. And the communist counted on the fact that we would damn near have to destroy society, and the comfort level we had spent years building to right it. (How did our forefather put it? “Humans are deposed to suffer, where evils are sufferable”.)
    Cause nobody likes the cure.
    To say nothing of the technological advances we could never understand that made things like the porn epidemic inevitable.
    We have always had porn and drugs. And always will. And the answer to them we have had as well.
    Just say no.
    They are unsustainable for a decent life, and unacceptable as a societal norm.
    Life is a fight. And that crap is just one more thing to fight against. The war on drugs keeps the casualty count on the consumer side also.
    Start hanging drug dealers in the public square on a regular basis. And kaneing the users right next to the gallows?
    We would have seen a whole different country.
    But then we would be having crying children with bad dreams and fainting upset women.
    Rather than sleeping happy children and elicit drunk sex with the wife.

  4. “The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ sucks.”

    Alvin Goldstein

  5. Funny, thing, though.
    Pretty much everywhere, at every time in history, Jews have been involved in pornography, prostitution, drugs, alcohol, vice, usury, and slavery WAY out of proportion to their portion of the population. One of the major reasons the Nazis rose to power was the abusive and ruthless exploitation of German women via pornography and pimping overwhelmingly run by Jews who saw them as subhuman goyim to be exploited like animals. Understandably, a majority of normie Christian Germans didn’t like that.

    Similarly, when importation of African slaves was shut down in the US, of the 120-odd ships transporting slaves in US harbors, the ownership of 120 of them is known. Of those 120 known-ownership slave ships, 120 of them were owned by Jews of various nationalities.

    Just because there is demand doesn’t meant that “meeting demand” is moral and not destructive, even when legal. Just saying…..

  6. I find it interesting that there always seems to be some external force to blame for our personal and/or societal ills. And that there seems to be a near universal expectation that it is someone else’s responsibility to fix it for us. Which leads me to a question: When has there ever been a successful intervention in changing a societal norm or someone’s personal behavior when there has been no desire on the part of the society/individual to change? Can you force or coerce a behavioral change? Of course you can; but what happens when the pressure is removed? There is a rapid return to the previous condition, often with more deeply depressing and significant consequences. Look at any of the issues that Devon Eriksen rails about and ask yourself what benefit do you get from that specific issue (e.g. government handouts funded by tax law and policy that, under threat of violent state action, takes money from individuals) and what would you be willing to do without that would bring that issue in line with respect for personal freedoms. In everyone of the issues listed by Eriksen, there will be something that will bring a pinch to someone.

    If we truly desire to have a more stable, robust and polite society, we must address our own individual shortcomings with candor and commitment while at the same time be patient with those who have not yet been taught or developed the skills necessary to achieve personal accountability. That patience however does not extend to behaviors that harm others or infringes on their liberty. When that occurs, the truly compassionate thing to do for society and for the offender as well is to remove them from the general society to end the harm and to assist them in learning the principles and skills necessary to function acceptably in society. Should experience indicate that the offender has no desire to alter their behavior (e.g. repeated violations of other’s liberty), then they need to be isolated from society in a more significant way. That includes elected or appointed/hired officials that violate individuals liberties in the name of “the greater good”. Patience, compassion and empathy for a person’s problem behaviors is not the same as acceptance of or acquiescence to those behaviors. When each individual is accountable, things will change and when they are not, nothing of substance changes.

    • ” we must address our own individual shortcomings with candor and commitment while at the same time be patient with those who have not ”

      Mr Butker’s commencement address at Benedictine made a similar point.

      John Lennon, in Revolution too. It translates roughly to “don’t try to fix the world, fix yourself.”

  7. If we truly desire to have a more stable, robust and polite society, we must address our own individual shortcomings with candor and commitment while at the same time be patient with those who have not yet been taught or developed the skills necessary to achieve personal accountability.

    Sometimes that shortcoming is not separating yourself from malicious people who want to exploit your weaknesses.

  8. Don’t know what generation this dude is from but blaming the boomers for everything is delusional. That cake was baked before the boomers came of age by older generations, mostly the so-called Greatest Generation (a nickname coined by a media leftist).

    Other than that though, he makes some points, especially about demand. Porn and substantial abuse are very ancient though. Archeologists have found cuneiform porn and substantial abuse has been around at least since the Persians invented mead. And it is not for nothing that prostitution is called the oldest profession.

    So you can never eliminate the demand, only suppress it to where it doesn’t dominate society. The proven method for doing that is religious revival. Lots of hypocrisy of course but hypocrisy is the tribute that vice pays to virtue.

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