F-15s Should Be Sold Next to Corollas on Used Car Lots

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Every day some dullard spouts off some lame version of Joe’s idiocy, so we’re just going to get out in front of it today:

F-15s should [be] sold next to Corollas on the used car lots.

That being said, we’ll take two.


Firearms Policy Coalition @gunpolicy
Posted May 17, 2024 on X.

One of the things I like about the FPC is their boldness.


6 thoughts on “F-15s Should Be Sold Next to Corollas on Used Car Lots

  1. Ya, hardly wait to see Bad Joke Biden’s air force. With Rachel Levine at command and control. Jean-Peirre and Dillon Mulvaney as a pilots.
    And a maintenance crew dress like the Chiquta banana girl.
    And I’m pretty sure what the bombs are going to be shaped like. (Maybe not the most aerodynamic?)
    And an empty petroleum reserve with which to fuel them?
    We’re going to be far to busy with street cannibals to be worrying about being bombed by faggy-ass clown world.
    Want to win/survive CW2-WWIII-IV? Have a bunker full of wet-wipes and AA batteries.
    A couple weeks of stumbling around in the dark with dragon-ass. People be trading diamonds for that stuff.

  2. I’m pretty sure the Taliban that scared Biden into the most embarrassing retreat since 1975 Saigon had no F-15s

  3. Are the Hellfire missiles included in the price, or would that be an optional upgrade?

    • If you are paying sticker price, you should be able to get the dealer to throw in a dozen to close the deal.

  4. Do F-15s even carry Hellfires? I suppose you could put one on a hard point but afaik only helicopters and drones use them.

  5. “F-15s should [be] sold next to Corollas on the used car lots.”

    Yep, right between the Abrams tanks, M113s, Bradleys and A-10s. The belt fed stuff should be inside, in the showroom, and full 200-round cans available at the parts counter “buy 2, get 3.” Not sure where the 81s and four-deuce tubes should go, I guess the 155s could wear tube caps and go on the back lot. .

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