Knives and Rifles

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More people are killed by slashing or stabbing than are killed with rifles or shotguns of any type. In 2022, according to FBI data (the most recent year for which it is available), 1,216 people were murdered with knives or cutting instruments. That same year, 489 people were murdered with rifles (of any kind), and 161 died from shotgun blasts.

So, what Australia just reminded the world about gun control is that restrictive firearms policies do not prevent murderous mayhem.

Dave Workman
On The Cutting Edge – American Handgunner

What this tells us, as if we didn’t already know, is that the battle over semi-automatic rifles is not about their utility as an offensive weapon. It is about the defensive use of them. They do not want you to be able to defend yourself with a rifle.

Prepare appropriately.


3 thoughts on “Knives and Rifles

  1. They do not want you to be able to defend yourself with a rifle.

    Or a handgun with a factory-standard magazine. I guess they’re a little too close to a semi-auto rifle’s 25-30 round standard magazines.

    If you think about it, they really are just opposed to defensive use. A gangbanger accused of a drive-by shooting that injures or kills 4 people — only one of whom was his actual target — gets no-bailed, charges reduced, and a slap on the wrist. Meanwhile, a homeowner uses a firearm to defend himself and his family against an armed home invasion, and the DA does everything in his/her power to crucify and prosecute him to the FULLEST extent of the law.

    The former used his gun offensively, the latter used his defensively. But which does the State go after?

    It’s not unreasonable to conclude from their actions that the anti-gun people are more opposed to self-defense than they are to murder.

    • Certainly seems that way. It’s been pointed out many times that those wanting to remain in government don’t fear the criminals (as long as they don’t personally have to face them) it’s the common citizen they fear.

      Look at the UK. Even pointy scissors are banned, carrying a knife gets you in deep doo doo, and companies have taken to selling end tables with breakaway legs for use as a handy club in case of a home invasion.

  2. Which leads us to the same conclusion our forefathers taught us.
    Government is evil. Always has been, and always will be.
    Imagine the culture that has brewed under the surface of our society, in the upper echelons that leads to these types of actions?
    Where you feel good about letting baby-rapers walk the streets, and think it’s your solemn duty under the law to put grandma that prays at the abortion clinic in prison?
    And to imagine how many people are in on it?
    It’s evil. And at this point it’s not even a necessary one.
    There is no power structure on earth that man will not be compromise and corrupt.
    And the only thing the honest person can do about it is to stand ready and able to defend himself.
    No honest government has anything to fear from an armed population.
    Their fear of you, shows their true hatred of you. Obviously, a hatred straight from hell.

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