We Need Reeducation Camps for Gun Lovers

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After reading about the gun class for people who hate guns, I couldn’t help but think what’s needed even more is a gun-control class for those who love guns.

Jerry Rubin
Santa Monica
May 13, 2024
L.A. Times letter to the editor
Letters to the Editor: Liberals don’t need to get a gun because everyone else has one (msn.com)

Ahhh… yes. A slightly obscure reference to the reeducation camps they are just can’t wait to send us to.

Prepare appropriately.


8 thoughts on “We Need Reeducation Camps for Gun Lovers

  1. Why would there be a need for a class to explain “you can’t have that”?

    You can’t have guns. Thats all you need to know. Class dismissed. The man with the gun will see you to your work detail.

  2. What does the moron think a brief study of “communism in humanity” is, if not a gun-control class?
    Tells you everything you need to know about every aspect of gun-control.
    How it happens, why it happens, and most importantly. What happens after gun-controllers get what they want.
    Ms. Rubin should go read the book; “Death by government”. It would understand everything it needs to know about gun-control. And more importantly gun-controllers.
    And what, a Rubin that doesn’t believe in “Never again”?

  3. Gun lovers and gun owners should have to go to gun control camp.

    At this camp, they will learn that gun control is evil, how to identify tyranny, and how to shoot tyrants in the face.

  4. Communists sure love camps.

    And if we can’t re-educate those gun owners to hate guns and gun ownership we send them to a different kind of camp. The kind with large showers you go into after digging trenches.

  5. Dear senescent communist yippie turned yuppy. We have guns to stay out of the camps.
    May you swiftly join Che in the afterlife.

    • He is still dead and has been for decades. This is a different person with the same name.

      • I’m glad to hear that, bad enough sharing a name with the guy but to have share the biosphere too.

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