They Talk the Talk, But Don’t Walk the Walk

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The ATF has even made it a matter of official policy to shut down gun stores by making perfection the standard in record keeping – a standard the ATF itself could not meet,

Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Matt Gaetz (R-FL)
June 26, 2023
Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene look to defund ATF director using Holman rule – Washington Examiner

So… That was almost 10 months ago. And what was actually accomplished? They did their virtue signally thing and made some people hopeful for a time. But here is the thing, if they actually accomplished most of the things they claim they have tried to do then they would need a new issue to string their voters along. Actually accomplishing their stated “goal” means they risk putting themselves out of a job.

I don’t trust legislators. I have a moderate amount of trust in the courts. I have been advocating for the gun law reform for 30 years years now. The legislators did a decent job on the carry issues. But we have been losing ground on most other fronts. And I think a significant part of that is because the legislators don’t really care to follow through.


7 thoughts on “They Talk the Talk, But Don’t Walk the Walk

  1. Bureaucraps (bean counters and paperpushers)
    “Actually accomplishing their stated “goal” means they risk putting themselves out of a job.”

    Politicians cheats and liars, and when they’re not kissing babies, are stealing their lollipops) :
    “And I think a significant part of that is because the legislators don’t really care to follow through.”

    Two of the most accurate views on Federal goobermint I’ve read.
    Having actually been in the belly of the federal beast, not as a bureaucrap, nor politician, but as civil service DAC direct support to the servicemembers of the U.S. Army, I had, from time to time, the unfortunate necessity to deal with types of both of these slimy creatures.

    Bureaucraps care about nothing but their regulations, forms, and keeping their bureau intact with increased funding each year. Fill out the right forms and follow their arcane, obtuse and illogical regulations properly and most of them will be in their warm and fuzzy zone, otherwise and they want to lord it over the ‘mere citizenry’ like pissant tyrants.

    Politicians – all of them – besides being skilled at grandstanding and political Kabuki theater; care about nothing but what it takes to maintain that cushy seat on the .gov gravy train for the legal insider trading, & graft they can pocket and the staff position grift they can provide for their pals and lackeys

  2. The recent attempt by the far right GOP to get rid of their own speaker of the house is another great illustration. They knew it wasn’t going to happen, but enjoy the press they get when virtue signalling to their base. Greene and Gaetz and the rest of their posse are the worst, but their base is just as bad with their constant desire for red meat political outrage. “Let’s get the water boiling, but by no means should you actually do any cooking with it. We’re just here for the boil.”

    • There has got to be some accountability for the sort of betrayal that Johnson perpetrated. He gave the Democrats everything they wanted on Ukraine and FISA and the budget and got nothing back on the border which he had the leverage to do. He gave the Democrats even more than they asked for on the seizure of private (Russian) assets. If you don’t think this will come back and bite Americans, I have a bridge to sell you.

      When it was apparent that he needed Democrat votes to survive, he should have resigned. Now he is just their Speaker.

  3. No, of course they don’t like follow-up. If you have good follow-up, then you don’t need more laws because “we have to DO something.”

    Example: Part of the 1986 vaccine act that gave pharma blanket liability protection required them to publish safety data they were supposed to collect ever two years. They never published a single report, they were never prosecuted for failure to follow the law on upholding their side of the deal. And, because there are major safety signals with some vaccines, people are pushing for more regulations rather than just enforcing the ones on the books.

    Huh… sounds familiar.

  4. Politicians. From Megadeth’s, “Dread and the fugitive mind.” We get; “If you shake my hand, better count your fingers.” Sums them up nicely. Especially for the DC varietals.
    Always a game, always an angle. It doesn’t help their weak nature that the system was manipulated to bring out the worst in them. If they weren’t like that, they wouldn’t get anything done inside this system.
    DC is the ultimate insiders game. It’s a club you have to be in. Or you get nothing with which to get re-elected. And no money either.
    No excuse, just the way it works.
    We would be much better served by having elections every 50 years. Then hang all the winners.

  5. If you have ANY trust in the courts whatsoever you simply haven’t been paying attention. The courts are every bit as corrupt as the rest of the government.

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