Easier to Blame the Guns?

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Guns have always been a part of American culture, but mass shootings have not. Nor has divorce, social media addiction, SSRIs, or nihilism in general.

Violence is the symptom of a much deeper problem in this country.

It’s just easier for the left to blame the guns than the culture that they’ve created.

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Posted on X May 6, 2023

I’m just certain it goes beyond a simple easy to blame issue. I believe a significant portion of those people who want to ban private gun ownership are that mindset because they have a utopian vision of a defenseless population they can control. The others who go alone with that mindset of gun banning but don’t see the tyranny they are enabling are useful idiots.


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  1. “I believe a significant portion of those people who want to ban private gun ownership are that mindset because they have a utopian vision of a defenseless population they can control.”

    I think that only applies to a few of them. I think the rest of them want escape from adulthood and consequences, to rest in their mother’s bosom. They want the Rooseveltian freedom, freedom from fear, freedom from responsibility, freedom from reality.

    They are infantile.


    • They are females, and those males that have been taught to think or emote like females.
      Our founders knew better than to give the vote to women, as the female’s default choice is to always lean toward the authoritarian type of leader. That works okay for a family, but not politics. Emotions are their driving force, not reason, for most of them. Our nation made a turn toward the Left after they got the vote, and I’m not sure that can be fixed with them voting. They need to be really knowledgeable on history, both US and elsewhere, and that hasn’t been taught here since FDR’s days, deliberately.
      Want to see their mentality in action? Check the badge cams from the big church in TX that had a mass shooting attempt, and listen to the two female cops as they tried to get themselves into action. They are actually hired as security, and the whole bunch was worthless.

      • Boudicca
        Ayn Rand
        Margaret Thatcher
        Bahkmut Witch

        Weak females?

        It’s not the inevitable condition.

        • No, that is not the inevitable condition. Compare that list to the list of say, Medal of Honor awardees. There are many more books now about women with the SOE in World War 2 than there used to be, I think in part to encourage this condition in women.
          It’s just easier to get there from the default position of men than from the default position of women.

  2. The Cloward-Piven angle can’t be ignored either. The elite who want to control the proletarians’ lives also cannot tolerate the proletarians being self-sufficient, having the ability and agency to reply with violence when violence is offered to them.

    If exposing ordinary folk to predators makes them more likely to clamor for the heavy hand of the state, so much the better. The state can release enough criminals to highten the fear, and will find predators so useful that they would never rid us of them as much as they could.

    Why else did prisons release their inmates during COVID? Why else to defund the police, but only in the neighborhoods where crime is highest?

    • Actually, it does since they are free riders on those of us who are armed. If criminals don’t know who is armed, it creates a general deterrence. Sort of like herd immunity to disease. Gun-free zones, be they specific venues or whole countries, eliminate this benefit. Most of them are useful idiots.

      • You’re making a good argument for a local scutage tax: a tax on those that fail to materially contribute to the security of the community.

        After all, we don’t need to fund as large of a police department if the community is generally too dangerous to criminally attack. What do you think, based on the per-resident cost of the basic police/sheriff department of a fully armed community, a surcharge of at least that much? 2X?

        • They used to have a fine for not showing up for militia training. The lack of serious training was one of the great drawbacks of the militia system leading to such figures as George Washington favoring regulars.

          I would like to see any money raised to be put into training vouchers for the public.

  3. Blame is irrelevant.
    The cannibal hordes be imported in the numbers they are tells us a different picture. Everything is battlespace preparations.
    They want you dead. Whomever or whatever is in control, wants America dead. Wants whitey dead. Wants the colonizers dead. They want your woman and children raped and murdered with you.
    And when it comes down to the cannibal menu? Both light and dark meat will be on offer.
    Your either a party to that genocide. Or your a party against that genocide.
    There truly is no other side to look at these days. And that’s the only way to view those around you.
    It doesn’t matter who it is. Excuses are like assholes, and what one has to say before, during, and afterward will not matter.
    One cannot say dropping over a division of fighting age men, everyday, into a country that is required to support them is anything but preparations for genocide. No matter what your IQ is.
    They ain’t here to vote. We don’t need the cheap labor. They ain’t adding to the economy.
    And anyone that would have you disarm is only proving why one needs to be in the first place.
    Since one has no choice in death. I take a line from the movie, Medieval. “Fight, and you may die. But it will be a death of your choosing. And that is a good death.”
    If they f–king eat me afterward? Kinda think that’s what I been telling them to do most of my life anyway.

  4. There’s no shortage of useful idiots who buy into the “nirvana” promised if we could only ban the guns. They are a problem. But the REAL problem are the people pushing hard for the gun control. They KNOW what the reality is…they aren’t interested in facts. All that matters to them is CONTROL. And disarming us gives them a MASSIVE increase in their ability to control everyone and everything. The gun grabbers aren’t stupid. They are evil. And we need to stop pretending they are anything BUT evil and act accordingly.

  5. Anyone who says that school shootings are a new problem shows their ignorance of history.
    The first mass shooting in a school was during the French and Indian war.
    It isn’t hard to find a long list of them going back over a century.

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