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We need to start making people who support Israel actually afraid to go out in public. We need to make all of white America afraid that everything they have stolen is going to be burned to the ground. That’s what makes them listen.

There is nothing more disgusting than rich people who do nothing to undermine the material position of their own class vaguely calling for peace and love It gives me actual bloodlust.


Fergie Chambers
He’s Got $250 Million to Spend on Communist Revolution | The Free Press (thefp.com)

Also from the article:

Fergie Chambers, an avowed communist since the age of 13, wants everyone to hold it against him forever that he is heir to an enormous fortune. And he’s willing to go to enormous lengths to tear down the mechanisms—capitalism, imperialism, liberalism, the rule of law, America—that delivered it into his lap.

He seems nice.

Prepare appropriately.


10 thoughts on “He Seems Nice

  1. Commie filth. The only good Red is…

    I have a 124g gift for him and the rest of the civilized world.

  2. That figures. He’s a worthless rich white kid who decided communism is a good way to atone for the fact that he has lots of money he did not earn — and most likely, couldn’t possibly earn.
    People who work for a living rarely, if ever, are communists, and for a good reason. I’ve said it in a bunch of places:
    The three pillars of communism are lying, stealing, and murdering.

  3. Well, he currently has an enormous fortune.

    But like every Communist, he can’t think more than one step ahead. He assumed we will do what he has in mind, and the world will stay static outside of his intended effects.

    What he probably hasn’t figured out is that he has identified himself as a financier of illegal actions through proxies, and he is personally the deep pockets that can be mined by his victims.

    At least the Soros kid learned from his dad how to be more subtle and successful on the slow “[Democratic] Socialism” plan rather than the fast “Revolutionary Communist” plan. Same goal, different speeds.

  4. Bloodlust? As in; “It gives me actual bloodlust.”????
    Who was that guy in the princess bride? “You keep saying that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means.”
    Talks about rich people, but it never quite ends there does it?
    And one might take notice he didn’t immediately turn over his inheritance to the state? Like a good communist.
    Little snowflake prince Fergie would have lasted about 30 seconds around either one of those murderous clowns he has tattooed on his leg.
    But hey, when it comes to communists? We got the talk’in part done.
    The nice thing is that he’s easy to spot. Like Bracken says. Face tats are going to be automatic targets. See it in your scope, you drop’em. Call for dead animal pickup.
    Nothing to talk about.
    Wonder how good he is at 500 yard jujitsu?

    • Talks about rich people, but it never quite ends there does it?

      Nope. I look at it as a percentile. There will always be a “Top 1%”. If you burn down the current Top 1%, the 1% directly below them will be the new Top 1% to be burned down. Rinse and repeat. (And at $250 million net worth, Fergie’s turn will come WAY before yours or mine.)

      There’s only two ways it ends:
      1. All the Top 1%s are burned until every person is worth the exact same amount, so there is no Top or Bottom anything. Equal sharing in misery, a.k.a. Fergie’s socialist dream.
      2. The people doing the burning and eating are stopped by force, perhaps via ballistic ventilation of their internal structures.

      RE: face tattoos — That and masks. I gave it a pass during COVID — even though the science is sketchy at best — but I’m going back to my original assessment: The only reason people like Fergie would mask their faces in public is because they intend to do something for which they don’t want to be identified and held culpable. Antifa/BLM people wear masks, and Hamas and Al Qaeda people wear masks. They all do it for the same reason, and should be treated the same.

      I see young, apparently healthy people wearing masks in public, and I immediately go into Condition Orange: Possible Threat(s) Identified, and subtly keep a closer eye on them. Recent history says that that group is more likely to engage in wrongdoing than people who aren’t hiding their faces.

      • That’s a good point. I’ve been assuming stupidity when I see masks recently, but I need to start thinking about crime as well.
        The area I live only paid lip service to masks and is likely to stay that way – but it’s a common food/ fuel stop on a major highway, so you see travellers wearing them occasionally.

        • These days, I’m looking at every pro-Hamas “protester” who is harassing pro-Israel demonstrators. They all have masks, dark sunglasses, and their hoods up.

          All of them. Every. Single. One.

          A couple years ago it was Antifa/BLM in their “black bloc” leaderless-movement-totally-not-a-uniform getups. Exact same description, and we all saw what their “mostly peaceful protests” looked like.

          If any or all of them started throwing punches, how will the victims identify their assailants? Answer: They won’t be able to, and that’s 100% intentional.

          So yeah, that kind of outfit gets my hackles up.

          (It’s funny, years ago we had a police-trained German Shepherd [retired], and long before Antifa/BLM was a thing, people with their hoods up would instantly put him on alert. He did NOT like it. Animal wisdom, amirite?)

          • Ya, it cracked me up. Let me get this straight….Your demanding I wear a mask in your bank?
            My, how times have changed.

  5. Please, please, Fergie. Try to intimidate me.

    I’d love to watch the blood bubbling out of your mouth as you die.

  6. Building his own little society where all his little minions hang out and figure out how to collapse the government.
    Didn’t Seattle try something recently called CHOP(CHOMP?) and seceded from America? How long did that last?
    Rajneeshistan was a little burst of sunshine that was fun-while it lasted.

    You welcome lazy, violent, drug abusing shitheads into your little Utopia? This’ll be fun!

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