We Need Common Sense Knife Laws

It isn’t the availability of the weapons, it is the criminal intent of the perpetrator:

4 people killed and 7 wounded in stabbings in northern Illinois, with a suspect in custody

Four people were killed and seven were hurt when a man went on a stabbing rampage Wednesday across multiple locations in a northern Illinois community, authorities said.

But the reporter can’t help but think of the guns:

Not all of the victims found at multiple addresses in the city had stab wounds and none were shot, according to Redd.


9 thoughts on “We Need Common Sense Knife Laws

  1. The Postal Person was killed via vehicle.
    18yo Wally World Worker at work was stabbed in the back fatally sunday by a different suspect.
    I was born and raised in Rockford.
    Impending de-housing will probably force me to move back from a Constitutional Carry State.

  2. Why don’t we settle for common sense criminal prosecution and incarceration? I know that is a logical step too far for the vast majority of liberal brain impaired people, but hey, it has seemed to work better in the past than what is being foisted on us today in the name of criminal justice. What say we just take the risk.

  3. “But the reporter can’t help but think of the guns:”

    And then he thought about penises…

  4. But the four are just as dead, and the seven are just as wounded as if the killings and attacks are somehow less evil if they were done with any other weapon. Yes, it would be worse, but for the four who died, it’s impossible to be worse.

  5. Funny that. If the courts go back far enough in history they might be able to find knife prohibition laws on the books.
    Always the struggle, power demands it’s subject be disarmed. It can abide no other way.
    One must be subjected to the vulgarity of their whims. Regardless the cost.
    And once again our people aren’t capable/allowed of bringing a gun to a knife fight? Isn’t that why guns were invented?
    Always be heavy.
    Famous last words.
    We’re going to a concert in downtown Moscow, you don’t need that gun with you. There’re police everywhere. Your being paranoid.
    This Kibbutz is very secure. And if anything happens? You have a safe room to hide in. The police are just down the road and military can be here in a moment’s notice.
    Having a gun only puts you and your loved ones in danger.
    Piling up rocks around those bridge columns is a waste of money. We have harbor pilots, tugs on demand, GPS, sonar, and the span is such that a ship could go under it sideways. Ramming it straight on? Your crazy. Not going to happen.

    • …(help) can be here in a moment’s notice
      The “subject” was arrested less than 20 minutes after the first 911 call; kinda late for four Rockfordians. I will say that the perp’s first victim, his lifelong buddy who was supposedly smoking the same weed, was one tough hombre: he ran out of the house; got stabbed repeatedly; was run over twice IIRC; ran back into the house; got stabbed some more. Wow.

  6. I have the solution:

    Sue CutCo, Kershaw, and all the other knife makers into oblivion for making knives that are too easy for the owner to maintain without a factory-trained technician.

    That’ll be the ticket!

    (And for the record: yes, I’m poking snarky fun at Chicago over their lawsuit against Glock for making guns that are too easy to service and modify with third-party parts over which Glock has zero control.)

  7. Simple solution: Move the ‘new” bridge to where it could not possibly be struck by an errant ship, regardless of how far the DEI infection goes up the seagoing ranks – put it on dry land, right on top of the dirt.

    Last I heard, we have the technology for that (not that DEI won’t make such a project 3X expensive, take 4X longer, and <1/2 as good) and whatever shrimp or fish live in the water won't be disturbed. As for the buildings in the way, well, "progress requires embracing change."

    • Well, that’s embarassing; entirely my fault for having too many tabs open, doing three things at once in different text editors and trying to referee a food fight between the dogs. I will endeavor to pay more attention in the future.

      Now, if I can just remember where that comment was actually supposed to go….

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