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Gun capitalism is legitimized through the kind of bill President Biden signed into law in 2022. The bill authorized things like new money for mental health and red flag laws — which are good, but also inherently signal that gun consumerism is perfectly legitimate and can continue so long as we make sure the guardrails are there.

The U.S. is one of the few if not the only country in the world that approaches gun policy in that particular way. I think that until we are ready to confront gun capitalism, we’re going to continue in the cycle that we find ourselves in.

Ben Tumin
March 19, 2024
Why Is There a Gun Problem in America? The Gun Capitalists Are Partly to Blame | Teen Vogue

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I used to read some of the small communist newspapers I found laying around in downtown Seattle. They had the same twisted view of reality. Capitalism was unquestionably to blame for all the evil in the world.

Prepare and respond appropriately.

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  1. If the communists can’t blame capitalism they would be forced to face the failures of communism and statism. The average leftist seems have more in common with Mussolini than Marx “All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.”

  2. As long as there is gun ownership, the anti-gunners will flourish! Money floods in to Brady and the other groups, as well as lavish government grants to colleges and research groups for more “studies.” I agree that greedy capitalists like Bloomberg and Watts should be put out to pasture, for the good of the people.

  3. There is probably a tiny bit of truth in that one. A lot of e.g. import restrictions seem designed to benefit domestic manufacturers.

    Which makes this one particularly insidious.

    • I can live with import restrictions if they are designed to make sure that our domestic manufacturing capacity is healthy and functional. We would not want to be in a situation where there was no native firearm production capability – much like the current situation with computer chips.

      • You can pretty much kiss off computer chip manufacturing in the US. DEI/DIE is the death knell of it. It’s possible that there MAY be a few designers that will hang around here, but not the Fabs. Building a Fab is a VERY expensive project, and can take years to finish, even with competent workers building it. Billions of $ these days for ONE of them. With incompetent workers and politicians involved, ain’t gonna happen. You don’t have secure military systems or computers if your chips are designed and made elsewhere. Obviously the USA has aged out, as history shows.

      • And much like gun powder manufacturing. Almost everywhere from Belgium thru Canada to Australia, just not much in the USA. Where most of it gets used.
        Weird or planned?
        Methinks moronic and both.

    • Every time a President gets mad at Russia or China for any reason, the first response is to whack American gun owners.

      • Aren’t they supposed to take a deep breath, count to ten, take a walk, and invade a smaller more defenseless country instead?

      • It’s not limited to Russia and China, either.

        It doesn’t matter what the cause is, any time a Democrat President gets mad at anything, the reflex is to blame “climate change”, capitalism, gun owners and the NRA, or Israel and the Jews. Or some combination of them.

        To the Left, those four things — individually or in concert (the “Right Wingers” blanket covers all of them) — are the cause of nearly every bad thing that happens in the world.

    • Note really. What used to be imported, for the most part, was small, concealable handguns intended for self defense. Since that was a category of gun that the anti-gunners especially hated, they made up rules to stop them coming in. So, the importers looked for technical ways to skirt the bans by adding features that improved the score in a points total that was required for import. Longer barrels, longer grips, target stocks, adjustable sights, etc. Some of these features could be retrofitted with the original parts for improved concealment. In some cases, the importers tried setting up a plant here in the US, as most of them weren’t conducive to minor redesigns to meet the regs..

      There was not much in the way of domestic guns in this category since they mostly couldn’t compete with the imports on price alone, and the market was small due to laws regarding concealed guns.

      There is not a lot of price differential between big and small handguns on manufacturing costs. The advent of concealed carry laws finally made it worth the effort of the domestic companies to get more serious in this category.

  4. Well, that was sans critical thinking skills to say the least.
    Capitalism aside. As what’s being presented as such today is just another system corrupted. As can be any economic system.
    Gun problem? No such thing. As in jolly ol’ Londonstan. No guns, now a knife problem. No knives, now a rock problem.
    We built tools to kill each other because that’s what humans do. Kill each other. Wither for greed or defense. It happens a lot.
    What everyone has is a crime problem. The same ones that God wrote about in the ten commandments. Greed, covetousness, adultery, murder. etc. Ain’t nothing changed but the tools used.
    The curse. “By the sweat of your brow, ye shall eat the fruit of the earth.”
    And ever since there’s been a bunch of lazy motherf–ckers that don’t want to do the sweating. Thinking they got some writ to steal what everyone else been sweat’in for. They be communists.
    They run in packs. So we made tools with which we can use to stop their criminal behavior. We can’t survive without them.
    That’s the way it is, and always gonna be.
    ‘Cept now we got the theiving communists on the interwebz telling us to give up our tools.
    And they ain’t even particularly good liars.

    • Aye.

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