Returning to the Stone Age

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Those who want to outlaw drugs must first outlaw, among other things, chemistry and horticulture.

Those who want to outlaw strong cryptography and cryptocurrency must first outlaw, among other things, math and computer science.

If it was even possible to get rid of guns, drugs, and crypto — it isn’t, but if it was — the politicians who want to do so would have to figure out how to get us to give up everything modern, from the bicycle to the automobile to the microcomputer to the smart phone to most of the food we eat to accomplish their objective.

They’d have to outlaw Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), the set of fields that they’re constantly complaining not enough students are going into.

Thomas L. Knapp
March 16, 2024
Opinion: ‘Gun Control’ is a call for returning to the Stone Age – Newton Daily News

There is a lot of truth in this but one must realized it isn’t really about banning these things. As Ayn Rand pointed out, it is about controlling people.


One thought on “Returning to the Stone Age

  1. These are people that literally view the human race as a parasitic infestation on the planet and the best way to deal with it is to get rid of everyone except themselves.

    They have no problem with all of this. Critical thinking is not their strong sweet either. it reminds me of an old web comic I saw where the illuminati won and killed everyone on earth except themselves then afterwards they realize they don’t have anyone to do things for them so they had to start farming food themselves by hand since they couldn’t use modern equipment.

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