What are His Intentions?

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He’s shown us that his solution to gun violence is give more people guns.

Wes Moore
Maryland Governor
January 9, 2023
Another Trump Presidency Would Lead to Gun Control Rollback, Maryland Governor Says

He says that like it is a bad thing. And, to a tiny extent, I agree with him. The government, in ordinary times, shouldn’t be giving guns away. It is a waste of tax payer money. If there is a surplus or there are obsolete firearms to dispose of they should be sold to the highest bidders.

In general one of the solutions to violent crime is the arming of the victims. Governor Moore wants the disarming of the victims. With a strong positive correlation between gun control and genocide and zero or negative correlation with violent crime reduction, one has to wonder about Governor Moore’s intentions. Is he just wanting to create a safe working environment for the street criminals? Or does he intend to go wholesale with a government demonstration of mass shootings?

In any case, prepare and respond appropriately.


11 thoughts on “What are His Intentions?

  1. “Another Trump Presidency Would Lead to Gun Control Rollback, Maryland Governor Says”.
    Since when? Wasn’t Trump the guy that gave us the moronic bump-stock ban? Because “he did like them”. (That sounds like a real constitutional kind of guy, don’t he?)
    Based on the most dubious information ever concocted. And obviously planted and planned to get that very result. And strengthen the ATF in the meantime.
    Trump refused to be the communist recking ball we voted for. And proved himself no more than paid opposition. The other side of the DC coin that just can’t quite get it done. The whole time the communists get to keep on the long march.
    As for Moore, what else is he going to say? Being part of the public side of the communist useful idiot brigade.
    Spouting stupidity and taking vitriol from the commoners is your job. Like it or not.
    Our forefathers would have tarred and feather the lot of the fake, gay bastards. That is, the one’s they didn’t hang outright.
    Prepare, your either a Hutu, Tutsi, or your own brand of the Tonton Macoute. And be ready to kill anyone that doesn’t speak your language, and many of them that do.
    America is about to become a very savage place to live. No matter who you vote for.

    • Trump did nothing particularly positive to advance 2nd Amendment rights during his presidency. He did get conservative justices seated at many levels of the Federal court system, but as we’ve seen recently, the Supreme Court, after a big victory with Bruen, is dragging its feet in following up to finish the job in Illinois, Texas, and elsewhere. My hopes for a big housecleaning of weapons and mag bans, taking suppressors and SBRs off the NFA, and several other wish list items are dwindling on a daily basis.

      • You mean all those conservative judges that just couldn’t drag themselves away from their busy schedules to take a peak at Texas suit against states that illegally changed their voter laws last minute?
        So as to do nothing more than outright voter fraud, with video evidence to back it up?
        You mean those judges?
        I would posit the last un-bought/uncompromised justice was Scalia.
        And we all know what happened to him.
        It’s all fake. And mostly gay. OK, all gay.

  2. I don’t agree with it being a ‘waste of taxpayers money’ to give surplus/excess weapons to the taxpayers whose taxes paid for them in the first place.
    I can see charging a nominal fee for packing and shipping and a NICS check, but past that, no.

    • I agree with you here. Giving surplus weapons to the taxpayer is similar to liquidating corporate assets by selling them at book value to the shareholders. Taxpayers are the equivalent of the principals to the governments’ agents than shareholders, since it is taxpayers’ money that purchased the weapons, and not any business activity of a corporation.

  3. He has no intentions. This is Democrat lizard hindbrain talking. There’s no thought involved. It’s an instinctual reaction. Anytime guns come up in Maryland as a Democrat, this is what you say. They all do it. Because it avoids having to think and answer difficult questions on how their policies don’t work. Especially with the city of Baltimore and PG County next door serving as examples they don’t want to address. Because that would require them to acknowledge truths they dare not say aloud. Especially as an intersectional identity politics driven ideologue.

    No, it is easier to use the “More guns on the street!” trope because the low information voters they are trying to capture are likewise hindbrain driven and conditioned that “The government will save us!” No, the government makes you victims by deliberate intent. And then claim they will make you safer by trying to fix a problem they created.

    Wes Moore is pissed that Maryland’s SB1 bill, similar to California’s SB2 bill, actually got enjoined from being enforced. Which means after Hogan got rid of “Good & Substantial Reason” for carry permits after Bruen, he couldn’t reverse that and took the route that NY, CA and HI tried which is declare the entire state a “sensitive place”. To his chagrin, his normally sympathetic court realized that you can’t claim this valid when the state had no problems with current law since the enactment of permitted carry over 40 years prior. What changed within a year to suddenly change those rules? Frankly, I’m surprised no lawyer is pointing this out in courtrooms.

    Moore is just mad that regular people can carry firearms now in Maryland in public for self-defense without government determining who was worthy. So this trigger the Democrat hindbrain reaction. Of course, Democrats cannot see any difference between protective versus predatory violence when it comes to guns because that would force nuance and, again, force them to question their identities. Can’t have that!

    I think it’s fun to watch. It’s so predictable. Watch any gun control case go against a blue state or location and I’ll put money on the table that some Democrat will utter some variation the phrase “This decision endangers lives and will put more guns on the street!” You could have a gun control drinking game with such.

    That said, we know what Moore’s intentions are. Democrat positions are not secrets. Restrict carry, harass owners and ban firearms if they can.

    • Spot on Matt, Hindbrain, (to funny), they are nothing if not predictable. And all evidence to the contrary of their positions be damned.
      Won’t even consider them. Hubris? Lunacy? Either, it makes them unfit to lead.

      • Mendacity. Or Professional Courtesy. Not hubris or lunacy. They have more common cause with the criminal class than they would ever admit, since only a strong criminal class will induce the polity to surrender their rights for a little temporary security.

  4. “Another Trump Presidency Would Lead to Gun Control Rollback”

    …and the problem is…?

    • Fewer opportunities for the native criminal class in America (Congress and the State Legislatures) to arrogate to themselves the riches of the producing classes to keep them safe from the legislators’ lower-class co-redistributionists.

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