5 thoughts on “Kids Into the Woodchipper

  1. What a tool.

    All of those of the right are going to get in line for their liquidation. Sure…

    Another reason filthy Commies like this are always against the 2A.

  2. Ya, he’s just making a play off from Pete over at WRSA. Who’s been pretty much running adds for Morbark wood chippers, and there application to communists and pedophiles alike.
    The difference is Ms. Morrisey probably has the government to back up his BS.
    Where we are pushing close to a 100 million.
    It’s interesting he goes after kids. (Which is probably all he is physically able to manhandle.)
    From Kyle Rittenhouse to Epstein. Abortion. Now this clown. Are all American communists child raping/murdering pedophiles?
    Sure sounds like it. What a bunch of sick-f–ks.

    • Or maybe he’s speaking from experience.
      All the kids molested at Epstein’s island were not just let loose to do whatever after they were used up generating kompromat. Have to do something with even small bodies to make them disappear faster.

      Yes, the political/Hollywood world is a lot darker than most people realize.

  3. Damn, are all American communists baby raping murderous pedophiles?
    I mean from street thugs Kyle Rittenhouse shot to Epstein, abortion, now this clown?
    Good thing he only has the government to back him up.
    What a bunch of sick-f–ks.
    P.s. My hypocrisy is not boundless. As I myself called for pedo-commies to be disposed of in such manner. In my case they are fully grown and active in their subversions. And in most cases after they were stunned in some manner. Ms. Morrisey might prove the good exception.
    Examples do need to be made.

  4. Hollywood wont care and most Likely will agree.
    But those going to the “box office” or Rental world could end this tools days as a producer.

    Make Him Famous.

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