Politicians are Sociopaths

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This is a society infected by socialism and what we need to achieve is to remove socialism from people’s minds.

Politicians are sociopaths who want to make us believe that we are mentally invalid in every sense because we cannot live without them.

If the country were divided between those who produce on one side and the other side, the f*cking politicians, the syndicalists, this whole bunch of parasites, they would sink and die.

Javier Milei
President Elect of Argentina
Via Tommy Robinson @TRobinsonNewEra

This is a presidential candidate I could vote for with enthusiasm.

Argentina will be an interesting place to watch for the next few years. This is assuming he doesn’t get assassinated


3 thoughts on “Politicians are Sociopaths

  1. Since labor is the real commodity. All parasitic beings rely on you willingly giving them what they need.
    And if ever given power they will always kill their host. Just the nature of the beast.
    Javier is spot on. We wish Mr. Milei all the luck he can carry. And pray the short-term pain Argentineans are going to suffer will not lead worse outcomes.
    Those folks have suffered for generations now.
    And their saving grace has been that the NWO hasn’t sponsored an invasion of various color vibrants like the have here.
    We will soon be understanding firsthand what Argentina has suffered for years. Only a lot worse.

  2. I wish him all good fortune and success but if I had to put my own money down my bet would be on assassination.

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