These People are Evil

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There’s no noncriminal use for civilians, really, in the way they’re promoting them. If you ask somebody to make a list of ‘missions’ that could be carried out with an AR-15 – by a civilian – you could give them till the end of time, and then they wouldn’t be able to think of something that would be lawful.

Josh Koskoff
November 11, 2023
Mass Murder Is a Choice. The Gun Industry Made It

This is what they think of you. If you own an AR-15 you own have criminal uses for it.

I find it very telling that no one from the gun industry or gun consumer was quoted in this article.

These people have nothing but their delusions to draw upon to generate their propaganda in their war upon the specific enumerate right to keep and bear arms.

As for the private citizen AR-15 “missions”, here are a few:

  • Defense from foreign invasion as in the Russia Ukraine war.
  • Defense from religious/ethnic rebellion as in the Hamas action against Jewish residents in Israel.
  • Wild hog hunting.
  • Varmint (prairie dog, etc.) hunting.
  • Three Gun matches.
  • Boomershoot.

All are lawful and it took me considerable less than “the end of time” to enumerate those.

These people are liars with an evil goal. The violation of a constitutional protected right creating a disarmed society susceptible to genocide.

Prepare and respond appropriately.


16 thoughts on “These People are Evil

  1. Follow the link and roll over the comment icon:

    “Comments are turned off for this story.”

    Can’t imagine why. 😉

    • Yes, I’m sure that someone like you, who pisses his pants that one of his neighbors might have a GUN!!!!!!!, is a studly ladies’ man.

      Tell me, do the hookers make you shower before sex, and throw away your soiled underwear?

  2. The reasons I own an AR are none of your f–k’in business.
    Damn, you sound like jobiden, Josh. It must suck being such a senile commie bitch. Having obviously failed civics and base logic courses. You are left with one of two choices.
    Swallow hard on BFYTW. Or, pick up an AR-15 and come try to disarm me. Cause you’alls lies ain’t work’in no more.
    You got the talking part done. Or is that all you got?……Bitch.

    • ‘Cause I wanted one. That was the most important reason.

      And guess what? Since I’ve owned it, it hasn’t committed a single mass shooting. Even though I leave it unsupervised for long periods of time most days. It’s almost as if it’s an inanimate object, without a mind of its own.

  3. The leftist gun grabbers simply do not believe there are ANY “lawful” uses for firearms in the hands of non government controlled entities.

  4. I do take some small interest in the small mindeds’ incredible and irrational fixation with the AR-15, but only because I favor the AR-10, the 15’s Big Brother; “why shoot them twice or thrice when once will do” is our motto, and I appreciate Clint Smith’s description of 7.62X51 vs 5.56X45.

    Should they ever discover that there is such a thing as an AR-10 I will eagerly join the ranks of “BFYTW” as explanation and happily demonstrate the differences 300 meters farther out.

    • Thanks Francisco. And if Sun Tzu were still around.
      “Pacification at distance of one’s enemies is always the most desirable of outcomes.”
      Love Clint Smith. Between him and Col. Cooper. Philosophy and modern weapons handling are well covered.

  5. If I was going to justify my arms to MSN/RollingStone/Josh Koskoff (which I wouldn’t do), I’d just point out “making disarmists unhappy” as my reason.

    But I’m not giving them a reason. They deserve no justification.

  6. What they really think about us as a whole:
    “There’s no noncriminal use for civilians”

    • Well, we are inbred uneducated deplorable hater white supremist terrorists, that want to destroy democracy. Are we not? It seems only fitting we should have lots of guns. And not give a crap what laws they write.
      F–k, what they expect?

  7. I use mine to kill coyotes regularly around here. I’ve one that’s locked and loaded at my back door.

    My Pyrenees will pin them into a corner of the fence line and keep them there. Once I’m in place he stands down for the gun. He’s got no negative reactions to my actions.

    I’ve had grey wolves, mountain lions and bobcat pass through under the glass of my scope. I have mercy for most of them with the exception of coyotes. I kill them without remorse.

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