Don’t Ban Guns, Ban Gun Stores

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We can pass laws to close gun stores in the 17 states where Democrats have unified control. As a candidate for the state Assembly in New York — one of those 17 states — I am proposing a law telling every corporate entity in the state to make a choice: either stop selling guns or stop doing business in our state.

Scott A. Budow
November 4, 2023
How to curb gun violence: States should ban corporations from selling guns

This smooth brained tyrant wannabe thinks this would pass constitutional muster? Wow!

Does he also believe the states could ban stores that sell religious books? Or churches even? You are free to practice whatever religion you want in your own home. So, in his world view, that wouldn’t be an infringement, right?

Or how about banning media outlets which publish nonsense from Democrats? What will it take for this guy to understand? I propose that if he wins his public office and is successful in banning gun stores he get educated via a public trial and some serious prison time.


4 thoughts on “Don’t Ban Guns, Ban Gun Stores

  1. I am confused.

    I seem to remember several politicos stating all the evil guns come from red states.
    That once the firearms cross the border into blue state Nirvana they turn the locals in to homicidal criminals.

    Closing blue state gun stores would not change that.

    What am I missing?

  2. Well great! Can we get that one pushed to the front of the line in the SCOTUS docket, please?
    Using business to deprive you of your rights needs to be smashed like the bug it is. I think there is some interesting 1A cases going on right now that might help clear it up for a simple communist mind to understand? (Who am I f–k’in kidding?)
    It’s truly nice to see the desperation. (Wait till they find out we don’t care what law they write. And that gun control was why the last tyrants got their asses kick here.)

  3. Prison time?!? Prison time??? Nope, this is tree of liberty level violations level evil. IMHO.. of course.

  4. Gun banners seek to ban guns because they can. They suffer zero consequences for making the attempt. This incentivizes them to keep trying….and until that reality changes they WILL keep trying. When you make it painful…and if necessary lethal…for attempting to infringe on a Right then, and ONLY then, will they cease trying.

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