A Change in the Direction of the Wind

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If it’s clear that the last two weeks have been a wake-up call, the next question is: Why?

Part of the answer is the sheer depravity of Hamas’s terrorism. That depravity has made the justification and celebration of their acts by those who police pronouns that much starker. The contradictions and moral bankruptcy of a worldview that spends years worrying about microaggressions and tone policing, but can’t decide what side it is on after the beheading of babies, aren’t exactly difficult to spot.

Bari Weiss and Oliver Wiseman
October 23, 2023
A Political Reawakening? A mass emergence from the woke slumber.

I detect a change in the direction of the wind. We live in interesting times.


3 thoughts on “A Change in the Direction of the Wind

  1. Maybe the pronoun people are correct in not getting upset over Hamas’s butchery?
    Beheading babies is what pronoun people do. And have done to millions of children as if it’s the most natural thing in the world.
    Abortion makes Hamas into total bitches of the cruelty world. Not only do they chop babies up in pieces, they sale the parts for fun and profit!
    And who is it that lets millions invade our country? Cartels murdering, raping, enslaving, drugging, pimping out little girls?
    Got huge portions of our country living in the streets shitting themselves and everyone else that get in range.
    Mutilating and drugging children into a lifetime of cruel hellish ignorance?
    Hamas adds up to 20 minutes of the crap that we except and just consider,,,,, normal? (For lack of a better word?)
    Hamas killed jews just like they said they would for the last 30 years.
    And Israel did what for the last 30 years? Disarm everyone that was in danger.
    The smartest people on earth disarmed everyone living next to an open-air insane asylum full of well trained, well armed, brainwashed, religiously zeolitized psychos. And expected what to happen?
    Hamas is a pimple on the dogs butt.
    And other than the prospects of WWIII, there ain’t much to get excited about.
    Hey Israel, welcome to the party pal!
    As for the wind. Remember to duck and cover as soon as the bomb goes off. As flying debris kills more people in nuclear explosions than anything else.

  2. We’ve become so jaded by what we see on both the large and small screens for decades now that even when what’s shown is reality we react the same way to it as if it was “entertainment”. Most people in what we call “modern” society are so totally removed from reality that they conflate what they see on a screen as being the same thing as reality. Thus they react to actual horrors the same way they do to manufactured hollywood horrors. Society has lost the ability to distinguish between actual evil and things presented by those in charge as being evil. Modern conveniences and consumerism has removed from most the ability to grasp what’s reality truly is. It’s so bad that some idiots actually believe that hunting should be banned because meat can be obtained from a store without the need to actually kill an animal. We are doomed as a society. Perhaps even doomed as a failed species.

  3. Is “why” as important a question as “how”?

    Depravity is a constant as far as humans go, well documented throughout history, and for some it’s the default setting. Editorializing about motivation may be a fun mental exercise, but does little to prevent victimization.

    If you have the skills and tools to own a 25 meter circle around your body you exert control over nearly half an acre; if you have the skills and tools to own a 200 meter circle, you control 31 acres.

    It seems to me the ability to do that well, on demand, is a more important question than “why did whom do this.” I don’t care about the “who” or the “why” I want to be able to say “no” to anyone and mean it.

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