With Gun Owners Like This

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I think we might be on the precipice of things getting much worse. I think this Bruen decision, the Supreme Court ruling, quite possibly will unleash so many lawsuits against so many counted-upon regulations that citizens may wake up to the equivalent of, like, no stop signs in their town anymore, except for it’ll be on gun regulation.

Ryan Busse
Former executive at Kimber America
A senior adviser for Giffords,
Currently attempting to become the Democrat candidate for the governor of Montana.
Former Gun Company Executive Explains Roots of America’s Gun Violence Epidemic

With gun owners like this, who needs enemies?


10 thoughts on “With Gun Owners Like This

  1. I guess freedom and liberty are scary to some people.
    They need everyone to be regulated to feel safe.

    • They’re content with the illusory feeling of being safe, but they’re not concerned enough to think through how to actually be safe. I think that mostly, however, they just don’t want to put in any personal effort into the situation, and would rather make the whole thing a somebody-else’s-problem.

      • No. He was a major, and I mean major sales executive, but also a dyed in the wool FUDD. He states it was his wife, after the Columbine massacre, that started him questioning how guns were marketed, (in other words, he married what turned out to be a proggie, pearl necklace clutching, Karen who ‘pussy whipped’ him)

        My bet is that he also was expecting some sort of major promotion within Kimber, and not getting it bruised his already deflated ego enough more that with also being told who actually wears the pants in his family, he figured out that he could regain some sort of self respect -and his wife’s sexual attentions- while also figuring out how to get a grift from Gifford’s & Bloombutt’s elitist gun control puppet organizations.

  2. We used to have Yield signs in our town, Now they are all Stop signs. I guess the “failure to yield” citations weren’t working, so they changed them all to “failure to stop.” Revenues have gone up, even if traffic collisions haven’t gone down. But all the new Stop signs let the City Council say they did something to make everybody safer.

    This does call to mind the joke about the farmer who says to the Government Inspector, “Show him your badge! Show him your badge!”

  3. No one expected the communists to infiltrate the gun groups, and try to steer them toward communist style victim disarmament?
    Wow, who would do such a despicable thing? Well now we know!
    The good part of all this is the fact we have absolute empirical proof to act on.
    For the propose of engineering a proper society. “Any time you give government an inch, they think they’re a ruler.” So, we no longer give them the inch.
    We can point to it as the reason 2A says; “Shall not be infringed”.
    And if Mr. Busse and friends don’t like Bruen, they sure as hell ain’t going to like what comes after it.
    In freedom or communism.
    It’s also good to see the communists coming out of the woodwork, and sparing nothing and no one to get the message out. Only to fall on deaf ears.
    It’s pure delicious desperation!

  4. I’ve always been a bit surprised to find someone selling a product to people they despise. However, it turns out it’s a fairly common situation in business. You just don’t expect to find it in such a polarizing arena.
    So, this clown isn’t unique at all. Unfortunately.

  5. Call it what it is: a fuddtard useful idiot. They’ve done far more to destroy gun rights than any outright open gun ban fanatic. There is nothing new about these squishes. It’s just now they are properly shunned & despised by the gun rights community. They should never have been tolerated in the first place. They’ve always been the enemy within.

  6. 1. Don’t hurt people
    2. Don’t take their stuff
    3. Don’t violate their rights

    Those are the only 3 “stop signs” necessary for gun owners.

  7. He needs to be dropped into the middle of gang territory during a gang war without benefit of anything to defend himself. And prevented from leaving the area. Some people need to “pee on the electric fence” in order to actually learn.

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