The Great Awakening Has Begun

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If you’re lucky, the ATF will only be abolished, but there are a growing number of law-abiding Americans – including many in law enforcement – who believe criminal charges should be filed against you, your leadership and their co-conspirators in the Biden-Harris administration. This is what happens when you knowingly follow illegal orders, like warrantless search and seizures, multiple civil rights violations, theft of personal property and a host of other unforgiveable crimes.

The Great Awakening has begun. Judges are pushing back against ATF’s unconstitutional regulations and bogus FFL revocations. Lawmakers are demanding investigations after ATF agents violated their constituents’ civil rights. Even the legacy media now realizes that they have been hoodwinked, and that many of ATF’s enforcement actions are illegal.

Lee Williams
September 28, 2023
A warning to ATF: We will never forget your crimes

I hope they enjoy their trials.


2 thoughts on “The Great Awakening Has Begun

  1. Agreed.
    But I still think much of the dystopia is on our part. These are the people that helped burn Waco and shoot up Ruby Ridge.
    We should have been demanding an answer to the question all along: What wouldn’t they do? They already pretty much did the worst.
    If they can get away with outright arson and mass-murder. Making up lies to bring in the military to help them.
    How much less making up evidence and framing people?
    And it ain’t like our forefathers didn’t tell us they would do those exact things given the chance.
    Hell, they might even blow up their own buildings in the heartland, just to blame gun-owners, shut down debate, and enforce the white-supremist baba-yaga.
    Again, what won’t they do?
    Thing aren’t getting worse, there just getting more obvious.

  2. Yes…a few courts have issued rulings that the current crop of bureaucrats don’t like. Like the 5th Circuit Court. But to paraphrase Stalin…”How many divisions does the 5th Circuit Court command?”. Basically the left…who are firmly in power
    simply ignore any rulings they don’t like. Because there is nobody in a position of power who will make them obey. They OWN all those mechanisms. As for “justice” for the criminals infesting these agencies…. LOL! The only justice any of them might ever face is the informal vigilante type. And that’s not looking to promising at the moment.

    The left, at best PRETENDS to care about rule of law. Lately they have just about totally quit even putting up that pretense. They are in charge and they intend to stay there. That means they will do whatever they believe is necessary to stay there. And they only have one rule. WIN! By whatever means required.

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