The left has thrived on destruction and decay

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The left isn’t wrong when they paint conservatives as natural enemies of “our democracy.” There is nothing conservative about the radically egalitarian system that governs the country, which turns politics into a race to the bottom, a game at which the left naturally excels. The left, in all times and places, has thrived on destruction and decay. The muddled, obese, foreign mass that is today called “the American people” has only a faint connection to the sturdy, adventurous Anglo-Saxons who founded the nation. Their values – freedom of speech, property rights, religious toleration, free enterprise – it is not surprising to find, are being trampled by the government we now have, which imposes tyranny from above with the support and legitimacy of “we the people,” or what has become of the people, below.

Matthew Boose
August 18, 2023
The Right Can’t Beat The Left At Its Own Game

You don’t have to read much history to discover this basic truth, “The left, in all times and places, has thrived on destruction and decay.” Their seeds are planted in troubled times, they grow roots with unhappy people, they carefully ferment anger and envy to build their mass, then when they show themselves as terrible weeds they repress and kill those who bear the fruit, grain, and flowers of society to retain their terrible monopoly on the nutrients of life and a healthy society.


7 thoughts on “The left has thrived on destruction and decay

  1. “Our democracy” (specifically with the our) is not about democracy. It is a code word for their conspiracy. They are talking to each other right in front of you.

  2. Absolutely. The problem is that were far to civil. And we aren’t allowed the freedom of association.
    We keep thinking we live in the system the communists say we do. But we don’t.
    When Yuri Bezmenov said that people who had been de-moralized by communism wouldn’t believe you if you showed them empirical proof? That cuts both ways.
    We have empirical proof were in the middle of a communist takedown. And we just won’t except it.
    Maybe when they start gunning down our old neighbors in the middle of the night? Isn’t the FBI 3-0 for the week? Arresting people and holding them as political prisoners? J6 anyone?
    Ya, we ain’t going to beat the left at their game cause we ain’t playing their game.
    All we can do is wait for them to change it to “who’s the better killer”, and we can all play.
    Oh, that’s right. The government food pyramid, vaccines, and abortion. I guess we already are.

  3. Does Boose understand what “egalitarian” means? I would describe the elitists who try to rule us as the opposite of “radically egalitarian”.

  4. Our Anglo-Saxon founders systematically destroyed the native peoples of America.
    Our Anglo-Saxon founders systematically segregated and degregated Blacks since the moment they were ‘discovered’.
    Our Anglo-Saxon leaders continue to deny rights to First Peoples, Blacks, Hispanics, Immigrants and Refugees. Not to mention the poor, uneducated Whites.
    Where is Democracy for us?

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