Dark Days for Antis’

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When I first was getting involved with the gun rights issue (early 1970s), as I recall gun sales were about 3 million a year. Today it’s over 12 million. The antis’ time has passed.

David Hardy
August 4, 2023
Hurrah! Gun sales over a million a month!

I’m not sure their time has passed. But they certainly know there are dark days in their future.

We have to win the culture war as well as the legal war. Then we can win the political war. Gun sales and gun ownership rates will win us the culture war.


3 thoughts on “Dark Days for Antis’

  1. Good news!
    But I often wonder if the communists have “dark days”, or do they just switch their evil machination to the next subject?
    Gun control isn’t working? That’s like 30 seconds ago. Look at all the homeless. White supremist are making poor people live in the streets! We should be giving them engineering degrees and put them to work at Boeing. We can always mob-rob convenience stores. And herd stomp some white kids.
    The medical industry truly needs diversity.
    And 12 year olds need to vote. Or change their gender, or both.
    Might be they don’t have them, because their to busy creating them?

  2. Yeah, it’s actually democracy, the republic, and elections, who’s time has passed.
    What’s next, and why, is where our present concerns should lie.

  3. The problem is the conservative pro gun side MUST win the battles they fight to keep freedom alive. The evil left only needs to win big one time and our rights will be dead for good. They are patient. And persistent. They will NEVER cease trying to impose their disarmament agenda on us. If we relax for even one moment they will seize that moment and win. Once they win the chances of reversing that win are virtually zero. And the ugly reality is that eventually they WILL win. It’s just a matter of time.

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