You Know Your Friends By Their Enemies

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That the leftist echo chamber in unison is doing everything it can to discredit the movie, the actor, the man who started the group by rescuing children and the group that rescues children should tell you something. They are over the target and laying down truth bombs right and left. The sound of leftist heads exploding…it’s a beautiful thing.

Sheila Stokes
July 16, 2023

I have nothing to add.


3 thoughts on “You Know Your Friends By Their Enemies

  1. Sex trafficking is again one of those things everyone knows is going on. But were not allowed to discuss.
    Why? Wickedness in high places. What cult would keep it’s secrets better than a cult that does the most wicked things to the most innocent?
    Like what God said about the cult of Molech. “Making your children pass through fire. I have not commanded. Nor would it even come to my mind.”
    The same people that make a profit drugging and mutilating children? The same people that think the planet needs to lose 6.5 billion people. And are working toward that goal as we speak?
    When one is willing to do the most wicked to the most innocent, There is no wickedness they won’t do.
    One might not be able to make a case for there being a creator God. But the hand of satan is getting pretty clear. Downright empirical even.

  2. Because conservatives and Republicans oppose child sex trafficking, the Democrats and the far left have to support it, or at least be indifferent about it because they dare not to have the same opinion as a Republican.

    But then, again, we all know how Hollywood and leftists view children. They don’t really view them as people, but simply resources to get more votes and power. And to have sex with. To them some of the best things is this freshly spilled blood of dead children in a school shooting. it’s their ambrosia. Knowing it’s on the ground brings them pleasure, Almost orgasmic pleasure. If they could only taste it, literally, to them, it would be the most sweetest tasting nectar.

    The only things they care about when it comes to children is blood to dance on and drink, Dead bodies to stand on as a soapbox and their bodies they can have sex with.

    If you don’t think they want to normalize, and eventually legalize having sex with children, you’re not paying attention to the modern left when it comes to the subject. even some Democrats are off put by this. I mean their candidate could openly call for the legalization normalization of sex with children, and they would still vote for them anyway But they still find the behavior abhorrent. But that’s a minority. The majority of leftists don’t usually have children and the children they do have the use as a political prop.

  3. I can only say it is as important to be despised by the despicable as it is to be admired by the admirable.

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