The Last Word Regarding “Try That in a Small Town”

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Him Talking about small town values is not the same thing that your mind controlled dipshit brain filters it as. All you are doing is showing that you’re batshit crazy and that does no good for anyone. If you don’t like the song don’t listen to it. certainly don’t project your insanity on to it. My god you people are INSANE. Maybe check yourself into a facility or something. Liberals in my day protected art and made fun of those that said it had satanic messaging when you play it backwards or shit like that. That’s what you guys are now, the epitome of what you used to hate. Go get help or maybe dicked down and shut the fuck up. thanks.

Roseanne Barr @therealroseanne
Tweeted on July 18, 2023

It is amazing how skilled with words she is. I’m frequently in awe of her.


2 thoughts on “The Last Word Regarding “Try That in a Small Town”

  1. Sorry Roseanne, Their already medicated. And we lack the facilities to handle the influx, should they decide to get help.
    Love your stuff though, always have.
    And speaking to small town/white supremist. Whatever you do, do not punch nazis! Assault on a federal officer is a very serious offence, with added penalties! (You could end up in the DC gulag with the J6 martyrs.)
    Only antifa members are allowed to do that. And then only in a very controlled environment.

  2. She’s correct. And has been for a while. Which is why she was ‘cancelled’ by the left and will likely never work in Hollyweed again. Anyone who says anything the left doesn’t like is automatically blackballed and ostracized…in perpetuity by the left. For most of us that is irrelevant. For a few it can cost them beau coup bucks.

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