Ignoring the Obvious

Aside from the willful misrepresentation of the scope of the problem, the creation of a new phrase “gun anxiety” they are ignoring the obvious:

Gun anxiety is making these parents reconsider school, family outings and more: ‘What we’ve seen is that it can happen and does happen anywhere’

Where would I hide or how would I get out?” These are the questions that Tess thinks about constantly, especially when she goes places with her two young daughters. She doesn’t like to take her kids into any big box stores because it feels too risky. There’s always the chance someone could walk in with a gun and start shooting, turning her mundane family errand into another tragic national headline with deadly consequences.

Many parents can relate to Tess’s anxiety over the increased levels of gun violence in the United States. There have already been more than 325 mass shootings this year according to The Gun Violence Archive, a nonprofit group that uses police reports, news coverage and other public sources to provide near-real time data about gun violence in the United States. Data from the Centers for Disease and Prevention also names firearms as the leading cause of death for U.S. children and teens, while research has found that the risk of gun violence is significantly higher for Black and Hispanic children.

First the willful misrepresentation.

The National Institute of Justice has studied mass shootings. The database they use reports five mass shootings this year. NOT over 300 hundred.

The obvious and ignored solutions are:

  1. Use the best defense against a murderer with a gun. A trusted adult with their own gun.
  2. If you are suffering from “gun anxiety” to the point of thinking about mass shootings constantly and are afraid to take your children into large stores over something that happens less than ten times per year in the entire country then get some counseling.

9 thoughts on “Ignoring the Obvious

  1. “Where would I hide or how would I get out?” These are the questions that Tess thinks about constantly”

    You mean there are people that are not constantly assessing their environment that way?

    How strange

  2. When you have been conditioned to expect other people to be responsible for your welfare, it is understandable that you would never think about the environment you are in at any given time. And if you suddenly realize the need to be consciously aware of your surroundings but have no training or any idea how to become competent and comfortable doing so, you sure will develop an anxiety disorder. So, wake up, grow up and get trained! How hard can that be? Easier to complain I guess.

  3. “When you have been conditioned to expect other people to be responsible for your welfare, it is understandable that you would never think about the environment you are in at any given time.”

    Yup. That is the root of many of the problems our society faces today. Over the past few generations, people have lost sight of the basic fact that they own primary responsibility for themselves and their well being. It is not incumbent upon anyone else to protect them from the dangers of being an adult. That includes not only safety and security, but housing, food, medical care, transportation etc etc etc.

    We have become a nation of children whining for mommy and daddy government to make the monsters under the bed go away.

  4. My anxieties about tornadoes and hurricanes outweight my anxieties about volcanoes and plate tectonic scale earthquakes. Hence I do not live in tornado alley, but have chosen to remain in the Pacific Northwest. We all make choices based on preferences and concerns – since when is risk analysis a mental condition?

  5. The media is,responsible for this paranoia and helplessness aided and abetted by false statistics. These propagandists claim people are constantly shooting everywhere and these idiots believe them.
    Apart from some areas of Democratic Party controlled cities with high levels of gang violence this is a safe country and areas where lots of citizens go armed are safer because criminals and homicidal nut jobs consider them too high risk.

  6. How do they count over 300? By the same bait and switch progressive-fascists use on many other issues. They present “mass shootings” as when a usually-white nut shoots and kills several randomly-selected middle-class mostly-white people without a sane motive. But when counting “mass shootings” they count every gang fight where four of the criminal class were wounded or killed by other illegally-armed career or hereditary criminals, probably from a profit motive – and pretend every one of them is the sort of shooting that “scares the white folks”, because scaring the middle class so much that they stop thinking is the only way to the gun restrictions the progressive-fascists will need before their masks can come.

    It’s the same as when they count a 24-year old gangster who lost a gun fight as a “child victim of gun violence”, shut down a few dozen wood-fired pizza ovens in a city of 9 million people and claim it is needed to stop global warming, or arrest a 30-year old woman who freely chose prostitution as the best-paying job she is qualified for and call their actions a sweep against “child sex trafficking”.

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