It is Clearly About Control

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Like other wars that feckless American “elites” have waged against inanimate objects (such as drugs) or military tactics (like terrorism), the war on guns will completely miss the mark.

The goal is supposedly about public safety.

Yet, of the roughly 81 million registered gun owners in the United States, hardly any of them—around 12 percent—have used their firearms to commit crimes. The vast majority of gun crime in America is done with illicit firearms, usually perpetrated by criminals.

So why is the Biden Administration intent on trying to make lawful gun ownership so hard? It isn’t about public safety at all.

In fact, it is clearly about control.

Brandon Weichert
June 17, 2023
Joe Biden’s War on Guns Misses the Target

Registered gun owners”? I believe he is assuming facts not in evidence. His citation does not support his claim.

But that is nitpicking. His conclusion is sound.


16 thoughts on “It is Clearly About Control

  1. Almost 10 million registered gun owners in the United States (12 percent) have used their firearms to commit crimes? Doesn’t seem credible to me.

    • My reaction too.
      It’s well established that permit holders are more law abiding than the general population, and in fact more law abiding than supposedly better-than-average groups like police officers. So 12 percent is absurd. 0.12 percent is closer, and even that is probably too large a number.

  2. I highly doubt there are only 81 million gun owners. They keep bringing the number down like they have been ignoring the last 3 1/2 years. Personally I would put it more at 110 million.

    And no matter the number never forget over 95% of Democrat party and the entire far left wants every single one of us dead. That includes family our members and children. And most if not almost every single one of them have no issue with the full deployment of the nuclear arsenal to achieve that goal. Damn the collateral damage and consequences. And the vast majority of the courts and the entire United States military leadership have a similar opinion.

  3. As Shawn said, and the author correctly points out. This isn’t about saving people from violence with guns.
    It’s about imposing a statist tyranny on us.
    2A should always be a reminder to us that evil never sleeps. That all governments fall to the corroding effects of power.
    And just by living “well armed”, is an affront to, and a balance upon that evil.
    They cannot abide it. And there is no evil they will avoid to remove that yolk.
    And there is no law that truly forbids their removal from power, either.
    To any honest person the idea of gun control should be as repugnant as the Holocaust.

  4. If he is going to say that it is about control and not actual public safety, why does he pull numbers out of his @zz. There’s no need to make them up, the research is out there, especially considering that most of the violent crimes, of which crimes using guns are only a part, are committed by less than 6% of the population, and that small percentage consist mainly of repeat offenders?

    • Indeed. As our side continually asks, “If your cause is so righteous, why lie?”

      In this case, the real numbers would support his position even better than his made-up ones. So why the dishonesty? It does more to undermine his argument than support it.

  5. Well, I believe that the author of this screed is, in actuality, a rabid gun control advocate who is not using his real name and is trying to convince his nut case cronies that this drivel was written by an honest to goodness 2nd Amendment supporter. (Gonna make us look really bad and worthy of removal from society to stop such a clear and present danger.) He thinks his made up statistics will give him credibility; which it probably does for the limited intelligence and awareness crowd he is pandering to. Those made up statistics could be quite effective given that the rank and file of anti gunners will always take at face value anything that seems to support the dogma that they have built their life around. Not so effective, however, for convincing anyone else that can do elementary mathematical approximations in their head.

  6. Did a little reading, unfortunately, after the fact. Mr. Weichert seems to be a bit of an enigma. He was a Congressional Staffer but I could not quickly find whose staff he was on. He is a contributor to numerous conservative media outlets and claims to be undertaking the earning of a Ph.D. However, given that background, I am surprised that he would publish something with such egregious purported statistical data. What seems more likely is that he either did not proof read the publication or someone else “helped” him write, proof or transmit the document. Definitely something is not coming to the top floor on this one.

    • Perhaps he’s one of those fraudulent academics like the one who became a hero of the bad guys some years ago by claiming that the revolutionary war era Americans rarely owned weapons. When challenged, he claimed that he had documentation but it had been destroyed by a flood. I guess he had learned the “boating accident” story… 🙂

      • Bellesiles. Michael A. Bellesiles.
        Still referenced in Google as a “Historian” in the first listing Google has as you type his last name.

        A flood of truth-tellers is what destroyed his “documentation”.

        And Thanks to Clayton Cramer who found the reviews of the book to sound incorrect, so he began a deep dive to find out the truth. He presented the true statistics in “Armed America.”

  7. Unless you avoided the 4473 process on all your purchases, you are a registered gun owner. Oh, and paid cash for all ammo and accessories. And never visited a firearms related website or bought anything on the internet.

    • “I have a little list, there’ll be nobody missed.”
      From the Mikado, spoken (sung, actually), by the disturbingly named “Lord High Executioner.”

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