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Oftentimes, the guns end up in the wrong hands. So, what do we do to make sure, hey, if you’re practicing responsible gun ownership, don’t leave your gun in an unlocked car. Don’t leave it unsecured in your car.

Gary Carter Jr.
Louisiana State Senator (D)
April 15, 2023
A large number of gun crimes are committed using guns stolen from unlocked cars. A Louisiana lawmaker now wants to hold those car owners liable.

Of course he wants to make the liable. Anything to increase the cost of gun ownership. It seems to me, under Bruen analysis, this is unconstitutional.

It is never about quickly locking up the criminals who have actual responsibility. For them, it is catch and release. By the time they go to prison they typically have been arrested many times:


This guy thinks it is entirely acceptable to blame the victim of a gun theft. I blame politicians like him.


14 thoughts on “Blame the Victim

  1. The reason that so many guns are stolen from cars is the existence of gun free zones which force CCW holders to leave their guns behind.

    • A lot of those thefts are cars parked in their owners’ driveways. I can’t think of any good reasons to leave a gun in my unlocked car at my home. It would take no time to bring it inside.

      Plus, my kids like to play on and in the car when it’s parked. There’s no way I’m leaving an unsecured firearm in there.

  2. At the same time, a cable-secured lock box can be had for as little as $20. Small price to pay to keep the gun secured.

    Should they be mandated? Absolutely not.
    Are they a good idea? Until so-called “gun free zones” are relegated to the dustbin of history, it’s a small price to pay to help keep your several-hundred-dollar investment from being stolen.

    While the responsibility is always on the criminal, common sense also says to not make yourself an easy target.

    • My gun was in a lock box, in a locked truck in a “secure” parking garage with gates and cameras.

      If someone really wants something, they’ll get it.

      • I wonder if the “secure”, gated parking garage contributed to making that thief bolder than most. Fewer people will randomly happen by, and if the gate makes noise he/she has forewarning that someone is coming. He/she had more time to work on removing valuables than a side-of-the-road theft.

        As for the cameras … they provably do not deter crimes. Keeping one’s hood up and face down effectively nullifies a camera’s crime-solving value.

        I agree there’s little that will stop a determined thief, but I’d counter that most car thieves are opportunistic, not determined. Yours seemed to be the exception.

        • So, in other words, because of the gate, it was “too secure to actually be safely stored, and the only alternative was to leave the gun at home.”
          And in other news, “Missy, if you don’t dress that way you have nothing to worry about.”

    • I have one of those but I don’t think it would stop a thief. It would however, tell them where the gun was. Gun free zones also attract criminals.

  3. New coworker claimed it’s your fault if your stuff gets stolen out of your unlocked car. This was said as she was trying to access the neighbor’s wi-fi. “Oh, so it’s OK if I go through your purse while you’re out of the room?” “You wouldn’t do that!” “Why not? It isn’t locked.” She was let go after a week.

  4. Oh I can hardly wait for this to move to cars themselves. Cartel steals my car and does a drive by?
    What about booze or prescriptions? It turns into quite a list.
    God knows this moron would not want to hold criminals liable for their crimes.
    Must be Soro’s money at work again?

    • Yes SIR! Thousands of starving lawyers are waiting for this law to change so they can sue the car owner and manufacturer.

      If you disagree, explain precisely and in detail exactly how. With what the Courts say, “Particularity.”

  5. Plenty of blame to go around on this one.
    Leaving a gun in a vehicle is an invitation to theft. Why you left it there is
    not all that important. Thieves are exactly that. Thieves. ANYTHING left
    unattended that has any value is a target. Firearms just happen to be more
    coveted than most items and capable of doing more harm than other stolen items.
    There are relatively inexpensive methods to secure a firearm inside a vehicle.
    A heavy cable with a quality lock through the action and around the seat pillar
    will work 99+% of the time. Or a lock box. Some are vehicle specific, some generic. But they can deter all but the most determined thief. Gun owners simply have to accept that gun ownership includes a level of responsibility. You must make reasonable efforts to secure your firearms against theft. Just a fact of life.

    As for the talking head politician….acknowledging theft from vehicles as an issue is probably ok. Proposing to blame the victim of the theft and NOT the thief is totally unacceptable and should be an automatic disqualifier for holding office.
    He’s either an abject moron or a commie. Either way he shouldn’t be in a position more important than bathroom attendant at a casino.

    • As Richard said in the first comment. Let people carry their guns and they won’t be leaving them in cars.
      Gun free zones are the problem.
      Which brings us to the real reason there getting stolen. Because some moron politician thinking he lives in a democracy put up a sign somewhere. And we think we have to obey.
      It appears to be a Freudian slip that Gary still refers to himself as Jr.? And then acts like one also?
      And we need to drop the blame where it belongs. And it ain’t in our pocket.

      • I’m going in to the doctors office or some other healthcare facility for a procedure….they are going to medicate me….Do I keep my sidearm on me or do I lock it in my vehicle. While there ARE way too many ‘gun free zones’ there ARE times when you must leave your weapon either at home or in your vehicle. Carrying 100% of the time is simply NOT viable.

        • Most procedures don’t involve rendering you unconscious or impaired. However, every corporate medical facility I have encountered declares themselves a gun-free zone. (Independent practitioners are mixed.) Gun-free zones are the most important battle in self-defense rights.

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