Reeducation Camps for You and Your Children

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I’ve never seen a better justification for the ownership of firearms and weaponry.

Joel Wollin
Posted on March 24, 2023

This was in response to this question:

Should gun owners and their children be put into reeducation camps?

Of course the question could have been coming from a troll or a false flag operation. But it is also arguably an accurate representation of the mind of many anti-civil rights activists.

Never let anyone get away with telling you no one wants to take your guns.

Prepare appropriately.


9 thoughts on “Reeducation Camps for You and Your Children

  1. The truly humorous part is that the moron communists always think they can snap their fingers and have it done. (But what else can you expect from people who believe they can change their sex?)
    With a 100 million gun owners?
    That’s an awful lot of concentration. Something tells me the commies/trans patients ain’t up to the job. Tanks and jets included.
    And I guess Joe and Kamela are going to command Gen. Milley to get the big dream done?
    That’s some clown-world crap right there.
    Damn, these morons are entertaining! Just the thought that they will try brightens one’s day!

    • Look at how many people were cool with the idea of the covid lockdown and their rhetoric on the unvaxxed. All they have to do is start with some of the “extremist owners with large arsenals” with attendant photo-op, and a lot of Americans, and “Americans” would go along with it. I no longer consider the US military to be patriotic and an impediment to tyranny, and anyone who looks closely at current recruits and upper bras morals and policy would think otherwise.

  2. “Should gun owners and their children be put into reeducation camps?”

    The issue is this is not what they really want. What they really want is the literal complete and total government mandated literal extermination of every single gun owner. They want the democrats to not just ban all guns but also desire a full 100% deployment of literally the entire United States military along with the 100% literal deployment of all federal agencies and the creation of a new one or two with the sole objective to quite literally go door to door and literally exterminate every single solitary gun owner. Something 95% of the democrat party, 100% of all military leadership and at minimum 70% of the entire current armed forces of the United States fully supports. Not just that but also the complete and total literal mandated extermination of quite literally the entire population of the United States in a home with a gun including the children. Because to the left anyone related to a gun owner is unworthy of life and must be killed. This includes shooting babies in cribs.

    Sure that won’t go well but one has to understand that this is only a part of the left and democrats ultimate goal and desire: the literal complete and total extermination of the entire population of the United States that opposes or resists them in any way shape or form up to and preferably including the literal extermination of all human life in the United states except themselves and illegals. The democrat party and the far left that runs the democrat party desire the following: the complete and total extermination of every single gun owner, every single person in a home with a gun. The complete and total extermination of every single child of a gun owner including going to all the public schools and rounding up every child of every gun owner nationwide like that scene from Schindlers list. The complete and total extermination of every single person that voted for Trump, every single Republican party member, every single registered Republican and anyone with any conservative viewpoints. The complete and total extermination of every single white male not a far leftist, and every single white female that opposes that as well as every single person in the United States not white that does not fully support that. To them they are race traitors and no better. And the big one: The complete and literal extermination of the entire population of the United States that opposes any of the above.

    You would call what I typed completely and totally batshit insanity. I call it taking “they hate you and want you dead” to it’s ultimate conclusion. And the thing is I bet if I am not totally correct about this I can say it is pretty close. It’s a matter of how willing they are to start dropping nukes. And with how many democrats talk when it comes to nukes and American gun owners I would say most would be for it.

  3. These people are not “ anti-civil rights activists ”. Let’s start calling these people what they really are: Slavers

  4. The question was asked by Braydon Page. He also posted another question that implied support for the transsexual mass murderer.

    A little research shows that Braydon Page lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and was the organizer of a march protesting the death of George Floyd.

    This is who the Left are. Every single gun control supporter supports Audrey Hale. EVERY SINGLE ONE.

    Are we going to keep jawing or will we take action against these parasites?

    • Not sure what “action” is needed here. You’d done some good sleuthing.

      If the attack wasn’t a false flag when the mentally ill person did it (but not so mentally ill that she didn’t retreat from her first choice target because there was armed security present), it certainly has been made a false flag attack after the fact.

      The consistent message from the oh-so-compassionate side of this fracas is that they support suicide-by-cop after spree-shooting of children and whatever unarmed adults are around them. This is the progressive version of suicide bombing, and their messaging is that it is good and it advances their causes.

      We’re just lucky that there is not general availability of explosives, nor the level of chemistry education to start producing any, or we’d being seeing a lot more actual suicide bombing rather than spree shooting.

    • This guy is either a glowie or a fed. Or both. Probably both.
      Some years back in another forum I had one like him, possibly the same dude, come in asking if we were ready to grab guns and depose the n-bomb Muslim in the white house. The n word triggered auto filters and flagged him to my attention.
      …He hadn’t even bothered hiding that he was posting from the NSA.
      I understand the snoops and instigators (I mean NSA and FBI) have gotten a *little*ore competent since then, but it doesn’t matter. This “Ken” idiot has been hitting a lot of “right wing” blogs attempting to incite violence, and he HAS been traced back to associations with unsavory govt types.
      I advise tracing and blocking him and every sock puppet that will soon show up to support him.

    • The left constantly used DARVO in these cases.
      Deny. Attack. Reverse Victim [and] Oppressor.
      Deny there is anything wrong with the piece of garbage maniac.
      Attack the school and the people in it for “oppression,” so the shooter “had no choice.”
      Crazed trans loon murders 9-YO children and three adults, but they make it out that this nutob piece of shit is the victim, and the dead people it murdered are the bad guys.
      The left is full of mentally ill people.

  5. The left isn’t even TRYING to hide what they are doing, what they are thinking and what they WANT to do to us. But a LOT of people on the right refuse to acknowledge reality. They still believe we can cooperate and coexist. We can’t.

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