Failed their government class?

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If I was one of the ten thousand people running for Mayor of Denver, my platform would center around signing an executive order to ban guns along with a gun buy-back plan.

There is literally nothing more important.

And in Denver, you’d win on this platform.

saira rao (@sairasameerarao)
Tweeted March 01, 2023

Note that they would do this by executive order. No need of it going through the City Council. Either they need to retake their high school government class or this is another indicator they are delusional.

Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns. Even if the sky is a different color in their universe.


8 thoughts on “Failed their government class?

  1. And don’t let them tell you they’re not communists either. One can’t buy back something you never bought in the first place without the communist ideas of private property in mind.
    And it seems pretty obvious that Siara has been too far too many government classes.
    I also hope Denver goes for it whole hog. Stop the blustering communist bullshit and just do it.
    Tell everyone your going house to house and anyone that doesn’t give up their guns, dies.
    America is in desperate need of some real life examples. What really happens to people when communists are in charge. And what really happens to communists when people fight back.
    Denver seems like a wonderful place for that to happen. (I’m a 1,000 miles away of course.)

    • “buy back”: two words, two lies.

      “back” is a lie for the reason you mentioned. “buy” is a lie because it requires a seller — a person who by his own free will decides to deliver X in exchange for Y.

      The accurate term is “confiscation”. Or “armed robbery”.

  2. This lady runs something called “Race2Dinner”

    After looking into that……I feel like Ive spent time around a bunch of bigots in white sheets and hoods. She claims that white people are “actively or passively trying to kill me” and that “whiteness is truly the devil”

    As always, virulent racists want to ban guns and make those they hate defenseless

  3. On a different subject, today NC House overrode the governor’s veto and got rid of the permit requirement to purchase a pistol. I was slightly shocked that they actually got some dems to join them in the vote.

    • As was pointed out in another blog, that’s good news, another Jim Crow law bites the dust.

  4. Hey…if ruling by fiat EO is good enough for Pedo Joe and his handlers certainly it’s good enough for mayors everywhere.

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