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That’s a nice penis

Steve Worley @WorleyWay
Tweeted on December 18, 2022
[It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier!

This was in response to:

No matter how frequently they demonstrate Markley’s Law I still marvel at their ability to see an ordinary gun and think “penis”. Their brains really have some messed up wiring. I wonder if shock therapy or a lobotomy would help. Or was it something like that which caused the damage to begin with?–Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Steve Worley @WorleyWay

  1. No wonder they can’t define what a woman is, if they are this bad at anatomy.

  2. I had an interesting conversation with my daughter about Markley’s Law recently. There was a 4 wheel drive pickup with at least 8 inches of lift and huge tires in the parking lot. She made a comment about the owner compensating for a small package.

    I asked why she would say that and she explained how most guys would be extremely offended by that. Basically a low hanging fruit easy insult. It’s kind of centered around the idea of “I have no need or want of such an item, so you must have a deficiency of some sort to make you want something like that.” A similar concept is the idea “if you could fight like a real man, you wouldn’t need a gun” and how many times have we heard that.

    Basically Markley’s Law seems to be a knee jerk reaction to seeing someone enjoy or use something you don’t like/understand and attacking them for your personal shortcomings.

    • “if you could fight like a real man, you wouldn’t need a gun”
      Funny, considering you’re not allowed to tell men of today their evening gown clashes with their heels.
      And miss-pro nouning someone will get you sent to the gulag.
      I can hear one of my older brothers now. “Your going to wish I shot you and left you for dead. After this beat’in.”

  3. “Criminals can get guns because of 2A. Get rid of 2A.”
    F–king hilarious!
    Thanks Steve! Now we know what to do with annoying bitches!
    How easy it all is to those without a critical thought process.
    He must be the group thought leader of “Eunuchs for communism.”
    And Steve, if ever someone comes to rape, rob, and murder you and yours. Call 911 and show them your dick!

  4. Criminals will get guns with the 2A. But, as shown in the UK, criminals will get guns without the 2A.

    Peaceful, non-criminal people in the US will get guns with the 2A. But as seen in just about every other country in the world, peaceful, non-criminal have enormous trouble getting guns, if they can get any at all.

    Incidentally, Mexico had a right to keep and bear arms just like the US’s in its 1857 constitution, but that was amended in the 1917 constitution to protect keeping non-military arms, but they could only bear them according to police regulations. As a result, there is one gun store in Mexico, on a military base in Mexico City, and you can legally buy only a .22 rifle or .38 revolver. As a result of this common sense gun regulation, nobody gives a rat’s ass what the law is, and if they need a gun, they get a full-auto AK-47 from a cartel member or a Glock off a federale that will take a bribe of cash or simply amenable to having a lot of drinks sent to him until you can lift it out of his holster.

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