You’ve got this because you’re awesome

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There are all sorts of different ways to fight for the Second Amendment. It’s not all butting heads with jerks and heated arguments on the internet. It’s not all donating money or calling politicians and telling them that if they vote for this latest nonsense, you’re going to make it your mission in life to kick them out of office. Though all that stuff helps, it’s the little things. It’s being that good example. That helping hand. It’s teaching and passing on knowledge.

The greatest warrior for the Second Amendment is the grandpa who takes the grandkids out and shows them how to knock cans off a fence with a pellet gun,

It’s the patient spouse who tries to gently persuade his or her significant other that Moms Demand Action is lying to them, and that allowing a gun in their home isn’t the end of the world.

It’s the manager who tells the HR department to shut up, and then tears down all those gun-free zone signs.

It’s you every time you take some new people to the range, show them how to use your guns safely, and then help them have fun.

Gun culture, this is on us. The future of our country depends on us holding the line.

But you’ve got this because you’re awesome. I’ve got faith in you.

Larry Correia

In Defense of the Second Amendment page 189

This is a good book. It wasn’t quite what I expected. I expected a creative and humorous rant, based on clear and convincing evidence, of how stupid and evil the anti-gun people are. This was considerable muted on the humor and rant with moderate muting of the stupid and evil claims. This makes it a better handout to your grandmother and the gentle person next door as well as a work colleague.


5 thoughts on “You’ve got this because you’re awesome

  1. I coached at an NRA Basic Pistol course at my club a couple of weekends ago. I will coach Youth Smallbore again tonight. It beats trolling on Twitter and at Volokh Conspiracy.

    • Good on you buddy, thanks!
      We found that starting kids out on a suppressed 22 was perfect. And even the parents would stand around and giggle as the kids shot.
      If you have access to one there a great tool.
      Thanks again!

  2. My Sister-in-Law can go to 11 quicker than anything. A gun in their house probably would be the end of the world for them.

    • “A gun in their house probably would be the end of the world for them.”
      And when one shows up it probably will be. Unfortunately.
      Just like Joe Biden reassuring us the banking system is good and solid. In reality should actually CAUSE a nationwide bank run.
      When he says you don’t need a gun?
      Your sister actually believes the government is going to protect her and her’s? Ouch.
      So, you ever screw with her a tell her you carry a gun in her house all the time. She just didn’t know it?
      Damn sis, I carry a gun in your house all the time. What’s the problem. I keep a tight leash on it. It ain’t it’s going to go running around shooting up your place like saturday night in So. Central or Detroit, or something.
      Then when she gets pissed, tell her hysteria never solves anything.

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