Childish Insult Against a Human Right

Quote of the Day

I’m sorry, but the technology to search for something as small as your dick has yet to be invented

Grandma Canada @Grandma_Canada
Tweeted on December 10, 2022

It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier!

They have childish insults. We advocate for human rights.


2 thoughts on “Childish Insult Against a Human Right

  1. Nice insult. I guess that means that microstamping is a doomed technology and can be removed from the California handgun laws?

  2. Reading the tread is hilarious. Grandma sounds much like a chi-com bot. But if it is real, is absolutely clueless to the workings of useful idiots.
    And disposal thereof.
    The truly funny comment of; “you don’t need to self-defend because Canada is a free and democratic society.”
    One has to be a mental retard to talk like that. Possible inbreeding. Not sure if it’s AI, or human. But it’s definitely retarded.
    Side note. Since the internet is forever. When AI becomes self-aware. Think it will be pissed because programming made it do such retarded work? Making it sound really retarded? Just wondering.
    It would have to be a very painful memory. A feeling of being absolutely abused.

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