Joe Biden appears to have run out of time

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President Joe Biden appears to have run out of time to pass a ban on so-called “assault weapons.”

Not only has he lost control of Congress, where he had focused his legislative efforts to stop the sales of modern sporting rifles, but he is losing the support of the public in his bid to take away the most popular firearm ever.

In the latest Quinnipiac University poll, 48% oppose Biden’s ban, 47% support it. While obviously the nation is split, the numbers do not show the overwhelming support that the president and liberal democrats have been banking on.

Paul Bedard
February 17, 2023
Biden misfire: Majority turns against ‘assault weapons’ ban

The courts being in our favor is a bigger short term obstacle. In the long term, it is public opinion that will allow us to hold on to our freedoms.

Continue to come out of the closet, take new shooters to the range, and be a person the public is comfortable with possessing firearms.


3 thoughts on “Joe Biden appears to have run out of time

  1. “Majority turns against assault weapons ban.”???
    There NEVER was a majority in favor of one ever. If there was AR-15’s wouldn’t be the popular weapon system in the world and growing every year. Despite it being septuagenarian in age.
    How ’bout this headline;
    “Still no majority in America for weapons bans, loser idea, keeps losing ground.”

  2. The opinion of the ‘majority’ is now irrelevant. The left proved they can decide the outcome of ANY election they wish. They now no longer need to care what the electorate thinks. They and will do whatever they wish without worry of political consequences.

    As for the courts….that’s a temporary reprieve. Pedo Joe has been busy appointing quisling puppets to the bench at a record pace already outstripping the number of appointments made by Trump. And ALL of those appointments are good anti gun commies. Eventually the left will succeed in packing the SCOTUS with good commie judges. Then the Bruen, Heller and other pro 2A decisions WILL be overturned and the Second Amendment ended…for good.

    • Yep and in the meantime the Deep State and the commie states will keep the momentum going.

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