On socialism and communism

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In the end, we will be okay. The economy might crash, but in fundamentals we’re okay. Even manufacturing is reviving, even if it’s doing so in American fashion: fewer workers needed, less expense, more production, more profit.

We will be okay. Might “crash” in externals and structure for a while, before coming back, though. Same with the rest of our symptoms.

But we’re the majority. And we’ve already won.

The mop up is going to hurt like a b*tch.

But be not afraid. We got this.

In the end we win, they lose.

Because 2+2=4.

Sarah Hoyt
February 8, 2023

The post is about socialism and communism. I think she has things figured out as well as anyone.


10 thoughts on “On socialism and communism

    • I’ve been reading Sarah’s writing for several years. I’m not always sure she is right about a given idea, but I’m hardly ever sure she is completely wrong. Can you articulate where you disagree with her, or is your comment the sum total of your thought.

  1. The big problem I see is that we can’t mentally keep up with evil. Evil, like communism destroying itself. Suffocating under it’s own system that no one can live in. That’s all natural.
    When Stalin starved the Ukrainians. The people in Ukraine just could not imagine that kind of evil being imposed on them. Thus, they didn’t fight back with everything they had. To late did they realize that great evil.
    We’re acting much the same. We refuse to see this evil for what it is. And how far they are willing to go.
    We have the arms and the numbers on our side. But the will?
    “The mop up is going to hurt like a b*tch.”
    Hurt like a bitch few in this country can wrap their minds around.
    Rwanda x Bosnia x the great depression without Christian charity. Could very easily be the norm in this country for a generation, maybe more.
    We have been invaded by several different tribes. So, tribalism on steroids it is.
    But were Americans. The scariest people on earth.
    Especially the ones that live through what’s coming.

    • They overplay their hand. Look at the BLM/Antifa riots, the defund the police movement, the partial birth abortions, the “gender affirming” medical treatments for preteens, reparations, the semi-auto gun bans, etc.

      They have exposed their evil for all to see. There is no taking that back. The great mass of people will be slow to change course, but the exposed evil will enable a few people to point out “the emperor has no clothes.” And the herd will be emboldened to do the right thing.

      • I came across a great pithy explanation:

        We do nothing because of the police.

        In the old days when there was a great injustice, like some distant leaders dropping a bunch of hostile and incompatible foreigners off on our communities (excuse me, I mean “enhance local diversity by charitable refugee assistance and transportation”) or groom our children to be playthings for pederasts (excuse me, I mean “exposing children to the exciting world of drag and alternative lifestyles”) we’d call out the militia and the local men would go take care of business.

        With the advent of professional policing, we all have been well-trained to stand around and say “someone ought to DO something!” They are organized and well-regulated, we are not.
        We have been domesticated.
        “A well regulated militia…
        Because the police are not on the side of the people, they are on the side of the people who sign their paychecks, at some point, someone WILL do something.
        And then the next person will.
        And another will back them.
        And it won’t stop.
        Until it’s taken care of.

      • Oh certainly, the stupid gets so stupid even educated people can’t abide it.
        It just seems to me were passed Yuri’s demoralization phase into next level evil.
        Total reduction to a hungry, narco-slave-state.
        Einstein considered human stupidity to be the only thing limitless in the universe. He should have added evil.
        What you see happening. We can only hope we have the time for.

  2. “at some point, someone WILL do something.
    And then the next person will.
    And another will back them.
    And it won’t stop.
    Until it’s taken care of.”

    That’s called “preference cascade” and it occurs when a large number of individuals discover they are not alone in their beliefs and understanding, that a substantial number, perhaps even a majority, believe and understand in the same way.

    When it occurs it ripples through a group, of whatever size, quite quickly.

    It has been hypothesized that “social media” is designed to support the individual isolation that impairs creation of preference cascades by manipulation of person-to-person interaction. Limitations imposed by structure of the software, eg., “this is offered, but that does not exist,” narrows the universe of awareness.

    Whether that is true or not, I do not know, but it does at least partially explain the desire for government to become involved with and exercise influence over platforms like Twitter, Google, Snapchat, etc.. Software designers can control and place access limits on what topics are available but there is no limitation imposed on discussions in a checkout line or over the proverbial back fence.

      • Absolutely, and discussions there are almost certainly to have quite different, and potentially more important, content than those in checkout lines.

        Unless the checkout line happens to be one for NICS checks….

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