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  1. They just don’t get human rights, do they? We don’t need a 2A to tell us that defending ourselves is OK. And we don’t have to ask government permission for it either.
    Like Smart Ass told him. “You don’t want those kind of troubles.” Indeed!

    • Sure they understand human rights. But when you realize they are seeing them through the lens of Satanism/Marxism, they see an entirely different set of right that bear no deep resemblance to what normal people who are a product of Christendom see.

    • They do not view anyone besides themselves as human. To them gun owners, and by extension Republicans, people that voted for Trump, people that have white skin, people that have conservative values, people that do not think and act and have the opinions that they do are like cockroaches or rats in need of extermination. People not them are simply obstacles to their progressive liberal utopia. So to them killing us is not just necessary but it is morally righteous and totally justified.

  2. Neil Smith liked to point out that the Bill of Rights, and the 2nd Amendment in particular, was the price the states extracted from the Federalists in exchange for ratifying the Constitution. In other words, he argued that repealing any of those amendments would — morally even if not legally — void the Constitution.

    I like to point out that repealing the 2nd Amendment doesn’t really change anything as far as Federal regulatory powers is concerned (the MA ratifying convention made that same point back in 1789), because (a) Article 1 Section 8 doesn’t grant the Federal government any power over guns, and in any case (b) the 10th Amendment doubles down by saying that therefore such power is reserved to the states. Of course, the 2nd Amendment does serve a useful purpose in controlling the states — which its plain text always did, but in any case the 14th Amendment was specifically designed to make that explicit.

  3. “Today would be a good day to ban all guns and gun ownership and deploy the entire United States military, federal agencies and resources of the entire United States government to confiscate every single gun in the United State and implement the complete and total extermination of every single gun owner in America. And also kill every single person in a home with a gun while we are at it.”

    There I fixed it. Much more in tune with what they actually want. Because this is what they actually want. And if you don’t think that you are delusional as I sound.

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