Downtown Seattle

3rd Avenue between Pike and Pine is ground zero of Mugme Street. This happened near 4th and Pike on a Friday afternoon about 2:15 PM:

According to court documents, officers with the SPD were in the area conducting a narcotics surveillance operation when an officer saw Martin near a bus stop with a hammer in his hand. Martin’s actions concerned the officer, so they took a cellphone photo of Martin and sent it to the other officers in the area working the operation.

A plain-clothes officer also saw Martin in the area waving the hammer and having verbal altercations with other people in the area, court documents said.

Before the attack, the plain-clothes officer saw the 53-year-old who was killed “attempting to cut the lock off of a bike using an orbital grinder which was sending sparks into the air,” according to court documents.

Martin approached the man, documents said, and when the 53-year-old walked away, Martin followed.

Witnesses told police they saw Martin hit the 53-year-old in the head with the hammer. Court documents state the 53-year-old took “a hammer strike to the right temple area of the head,” resulting in a skull fracture.

Surveillance cameras in the area captured Martin “raising the hammer above his shoulder, swinging it at the victim’s head, and the victim collapsing to the ground,” according to court documents. The documents said Martin then stood over the 53-year-old, grabbed his backpack and walked away.

There are multiple clues in the quoted material to guide your plans for visiting Seattle.

The entrance to a building I used work in is within a couple hundred feet of the attack location.

See also this article. People are not shocked or even surprised this happened.


3 thoughts on “Downtown Seattle

  1. So a guy waving a hammer around in public “concerned” them just enough to take a cell phone video, but not enough for them to decide that perhaps they should do their jobs?
    Do they still blame this on the local DAs, or are these cops actually just useless on general principle?

  2. Lets see….. a crazy yahoo with a hammer saw a criminal with a grinder trying to steal a bike. Said crazy yahoo whacked said criminal with hammer sending criminal off to the great “big house in the sky”. Hmmm… Not seeing a problem yet. When you turn a city into an open air criminal asylum you have to expect these types of incidents. All part of the plan….

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