Quote of the day—David Linsky

While the Massachusetts Legislature has been a national leader in passing effective legislation that addresses gun violence prevention, there are more measures that can be taken. I am proud to file bills that would make important and crucial steps in reducing gun violence and preventing further tragedies from occurring.

David Linsky
MA may now ban all semi-auto rifles and shotguns
[He has to know this is unconstitutional. He can’t be that stupid and/or ignorant. He is just evil.

I wonder how proud he will be when he is facing life in prison for his crimes.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—David Linsky

  1. Well let’s hope he and all his commie friends truly go for it. Full on confiscation! Why keep playing with half measures Dave?
    Start kicking in doors and shoot’in dogs already!
    You know you want to. Everyone else knows you want to. You and your friends just don’t have the stones for real-deal communism?
    Come-on Davy, cowboy the f–k up for once in your pathetic, bitchy little life and get it done!
    Maybe Kamala will grow a pair with you and take it national!
    Stop gun violence? What a joke.

  2. Of course he knows it’s unconstitutional … as the Constitution currently stands.

    But, he’s a Leftist. Their logic (where they have any) is backwards.

    We think, “The Constitution doesn’t allow this, therefore it’s bad law and is void.”

    He thinks, “The Constitution doesn’t allow this, but it’s good law, therefore the Constitution is bad and is void.”

    We measure the validity of a law by the Constitution. Leftist measure the validity of the Constitution by the laws it allows or forbids.

    Logically it’s like this:
    First, I say, “I’m 6’4″.”
    Then, you measure me and say, “No, you are mistaken. My measuring tape says you’re 5’10”.”
    To which I respond, “No, I’m 6’4″. Your measuring tape must be defective.”
    And then the argument devolves into a shouting match over the inherent racism in measuring tapes.

    Leftists live in a different reality.

  3. If the people of Massachusetts elected to have this guy represent them and put such legislation in place, by right they will bear the consequences. If they didn’t, they have to stand up and appeal to the legislature and the governor. Failing that, the people whose values not represented by the elected legislature may choose to separate and form a new polity that does. Failing separation, the only recourse left is war. Same natural laws apply to the United States as a whole.

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